I have finished a marathon and two triathlons. Frank - Troy, ID
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  • 2001: ACS CAN was launched to further the public policy goals of the American Cancer Society
  • 2003: Congress doubled funding for cancer and medical research after 5 years of increases
  • 2008: Fight Back Express bus tour traveled to 480 communities collecting over 100,000 signatures
  • 2010: 22 states had 100% smoke-free workplaces, including bars and restaurants
    • Terri Cage
      Port Angeles, WA
      My Grandmother survived long enough to take care of me when I had an emergency C-section and became close to my son because of it.
    • Lori Bremner
      Sonoma, CA
      I'm raising three amazing sons because I beat the odds when I was diagnosed with leukemia 34 years ago. I'm alive because of cancer research
    • Hubert King
      Meadville, PA
      In 1960 life expectancy was 2-3 years.With research treatment at Roswell Park Cancer wife lived 20 years.Hodgkins Disease now 99% curable.
    • Donna Conduitt
      Cuba, MO
      In 1984, our then 16 old daughter was diagnosed with Hodgins disease. Married now-27 yr survivor..need research.
    • Enma Morel
      New York, NY
      I was 24 when a dr told i will not see my 25th bday; imagine that, after chemo, radiation, thanks to cancer research Here i am 23 yrs later
    • lisa hayes
      Gram fought long enough to see me graduate from high school in 1987. She didnt live to see me through my own battle with cancer 3 yrs later
    • Dena Jagoda
      Cape Coral Centr, FL
      My awesome mother-in-law met her youngest gradchild and was able to spend time with him before she passed 3 months later. REMEMBER!
    • Marilyn Klaiber
      Clifton Park, NY
      My sister died in my arms after a 4 yr. battle with breast cancer. Her 10 yr. old son witnessed her last breath! Protect kids from this!
    • Lara Henderson
      My younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer at 39 years old. She will be celebrating this November her 17th year after diagnosis.
    • Gayle Walsh
      Almena, KS
      My dad was diagnosed with only 6 months to live, 6 months before I was born. He walked me down the the aisle at my wedding 28 years later.
    • Maggy McCole
      Milford, DE
      My Husband Barry was able to walk our daughter down the aisle and was able to see his 2 Grandchildren born. He is a 15 year cancer Survivor.
    • James Pokorski
      Panorama Village, TX
      I am a survivor of the 5 challenges of various cancers and and now I share the benefit of cancer research to many TEAM participants!
    • Kristine Weaver
      College Station, TX
      After my Stage IV Colon Cancer diagnosis, I hoped I would live to see my daughter start kindergarten. She is now a Junior at Texas A&M.
    • JoAnn Cade
      I have been thought cancee twice .But the last time with the breast it had went to the limp nodes all26 they said stage 4 .But I didnt think
    • Jacqueline Kilian-Lowry
      New Port Richey, FL
      My oldest daughter needed a bone marrow transplant using her own stem cells back in 1998. Because of God and research, she is still here.
    • Aimee Chauvot
      Troy, NY
      I got to spend more time giving my Mom Mom backrubs and watching the Sound of Music, thanks to her treatment and Tomaxafin post-treatment.
    • clara Leonard
      Bristol, TN
      The day my Best friend was told she was CANCER FREE!!!
    • Geri From
      I have lived to hold my first grandchild!
    • Marilyn Schoppa
      Vernon, TX
      I had Breast Cancer back in 1999 and the people that helped me and gave me the support I needed when you feel down lifted my spirits back up
    • Mary Kost
      New Albany, IN
      Because of cancer research, my Mother in Law & Father in Law were able to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary.
    • Susan Matano
      I was able to witness my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary after my grandmother survived breast cancer!
    • Gayle Hoskinson
      Okolona, KY
      Breast cancer at 28 w/2 girls. 11 years later their dad died - heart attack. Now a 32 year survivor who's dream was to raise her girls.
    • Patty Whiten
      Jefferson, GA
      A huge milestone for me was when I'd survived longer than I was statistically predicted to. That was 12 years ago!
    • Cristi Perkins
      Denison, TX
      I am able to live pain free since removing the cervical cancer.
    • Mary Hensal
      Stanfield, OR
      In 2000 I became a 2 time cancer survivor. Not the 50th birthday present I expected. I plan to remain cancer free in 2040
    • david rosner
      Old Bethpage, NY
      Survived Leukemia at 15, had two children miracously of my own, became fundraiser in the non-profit sector raising millions for charities
    • Adam Batchelor
      Havertown, PA
      Thanks to quality research, my grandfather got to spend a few more GREAT months with our family. More Research=More Time with Pop.
    • Lisa Sabio
      I gave birth to a healthy son who I was pregnant with while I had cancer....who went through chemo with me! We r both fine 10yrs later!
    • Linda Whipple
      Cortland, IL
      My initial milestones were my birthdays but I was just told that I am going to be a "Grandma." Two kinds of cancer in 2001.
    • Greta Pierce
      Drexel, NC
      I'm a 10 yr. survial of breast cancer step 4. Without reaseach I would have been dead in 2001.
    • Beverly A Cooley
      Palm City, CA
      I am a stage 4 Uterus Survivor. I have l0 years under my belt, if it were not all the research done, I would not be here today. I
    • Keri Leslie
      Ortonville, MI
      Mom was diagnosed in '94 w/ inflammatory breast cancer. She lived 6 yrs, not 18 mths, bc of research & experimental drugs. NEED RESEARCH!!
    • Barbara Feyen
      Westgate, FL
      After being diagnosed with cancer in 2002, able to go on an play it forward in helping others face cancer.
    • Cathy Gaylord
      Dalzell, SC
      I am a two time cancer survivor. I am a 9 yr Gall Bladder Cancer and a 5 yr Non Hdkins Lymphoma survivor
    • Amy Atkinson
      Lakewood, CA
      I was lucky enough to be blessed with a friend who was like a second mom to me . Cancer took her from me & I feel lost without her.
    • Geri Johnson
      Hollister, CA
      Survivor since 2002. Early Detection IS the best protection! Research and education are vital so more people can celebrate more birthdays
    • Rock Hood
      Ooltewah, TN
      10 year remission, Lung Cancer Survivor.Anniversary was May 15th.50th child in the world at 9 years old to ever have it. #rare
    • Terry Smith
      Without treatment for breast & kidney cancer, I never would he met any of my 4 grandchildren. I am thankful for the treatments I received
    • Kris Olson
      Schaumburg, IL
      My last bout required treatment that was being designed for me up til the moment that I walked in for it. With funding, more of us can live
    • Tammy Smith
      Greensboro, GA
      Thanks to cancer research, my father survived prostrate cancer for many years and was able to be a huge part of my kids lives.
    • James Wilson
      Barrington, IL
      Funding for ACS helped discover the PSA test and the brachytherapy program that this provided life for this 78 year-old survivor.
    • Dan Bahr
      Research made my radiation treatments so exact that they got all of my cancer AND saved my vocal cords. I can still speak!
    • Sharon Day
      My other birthday, July 21, 2003 - eight years ago - my breast cancer surgery and reconstruction started! Hallejuah to early detection.
    • Sharon Day
      My other birthday, July 21, 2003 - eight years ago - my breast cancer surgery and reconstruction started! Hallejuah to early detection.
    • Jessica Nelson
      Cypress Gardens, FL
      My father is a survivor . He watched me graduate, walked me down the aisle, is the mayor of our home town, & almost a new grandfather!
    • Victoria Seng
      Rockville, MD
      My Uncle Will spent one last Christmas with his family. Research brought us his clinical trial and will bring a cure to pancreatic cancer.
    • Robert Harris, Jr.
      Bentonville, AR
      I am a cancer survivor. Cancer treatments (4 times) have been successful and allowed me to live to see my three grandsons born.
    • Kathi Hansen
      Wrightstown, WI
      Thanks to cancer research, I celebrated my 50th birthday in 2004 and am sharing early retirement with my husband.
    • Margaret McDonald
      New Smyrna Beach, FL
      My infant died from a rare blood cancer in '59. At an ACS Fall mtg in Orl in '04, a teen girl gave testimony - she survived same = research
    • Sarah Albrecht
      Berkshire, NY
      My parents were able to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary 4 mos. before my daddy died.
    • Patty Avery
      Evansville, IN
      My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000, beat it thanks to advances in research, and celebrated with me at my wedding in 2004.
    • Mary Parlin
      Placerville, CA
      I DO NOT have cancer. Until I got involved in Relay for Life, I didn't know anyone who did. I fight for all the people who DO have cancer!
    • Julia Miles
      Bethlehem, PA
      I was able to go through chemo and radiation and be well enough to attend my son's college graduation the same year.
    • William Briggs
      Coarsegold, CA
      Wife's favorite Uncle had hoped to reach 80, and never smoked, but developed lung cancer and was 1 week short of his goal.
    • Lani Almanza
      Kaneohe, HI
      The day my youngest son died from a cancer that had research waiting to be funded.
    • Susan Clauson
      Boone, IA
      I am a Leukemia surivivor of 7 years on 9/23/2011. I had a bone marrow transplant on 11/23/2005 thanks to the Bone Marrow Registry Prorgram
    • Marian Barber
      Oroville, WA
      2000, Breast Cancer! Surgery, chemo, radiation and Tamoxifin and health insurance. Happy Birthday to me!
    • Connie Todd
      Connersville, IN
      i was able to attend my daughter graduation from Indiana University School of Optometry in 2006. My first gradchild and a second in 2010 .
    • Radine Cox
      Decatur, IL
      Thank you to research I have been cancer free from lung cancer for 6 years. Research saved my life.
    • Melissa White
      Mansura, LA
      I graduated with my M.Ed. - my third degree!
    • Nivedita Nagaraj
      Rochester Hills, MI
      I was lucky to be blessed with an amazing Aunt who had a big heart and a fighting spirit. We lost her, but we will never lose her spirit.
    • Judy Rospenda
      Brookfield, IL
      My best friend Cathy is alive and well and so will many members of her family for years to come because the BRCA1 gene was found.
    • Michael Jacobson
      Arlington, VA
      My aunt's last goal was to make it to Relay, back in 2006. She held on just long enough to walk the survivors lap.
    • Jeanette Ferguson
      Galloway, OH
      I finished a PhD and had a son!
    • Erin O'Neill
      Washington, DC
      I had 7 more years with my dear friend Susan because of an NIH clinical trial. Every day I got to spend with her was a milestone in itself.
    • Jack Holt
      Mesa, AZ
      My father died from cancer when I was 2 years old. My milestone was when my only child got to have a daddy for longer than I did. He's 7 now
    • Paul Ganeles
      Tucson, AZ
      I survived highly aggresive non-Hodgkin's lymphoma only becasue of chemotherapy with the recently developed miracle medicine Rituxan
    • Lois Dickerman
      Estes Park, CO
      I am writing to share my husband's story. Dick celebrated his fifth year of freedom from Stage IV Esophageal adenocarcinoma in June, 2011.
    • Patricia Blackman
      Muscoy, CA
      Chemo Therapy helped give me a new lease on life back in 2006 when I developed uterine cancer. I am cancer-free today and enjoy my grandkids
    • Peg Slezinger
      Winnetka, CA
      Being diagnosed with cancer in 2006 and learning of all the resources at ACS and getting involved with Relay For Life in Santa Clarita.
    • Stacie Waddell
      Akron, NY
      My brother is alive 5 years after being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, research led to a radiation treatment that saved his life.
    • Debbie Roberts
      Pleasure Ridge P, KY
      I had breast cancer at age 22 and at age 47 I was blessed to see my first of four grandchildren born!
    • Brandi Warhank
      Vanadium, NM
      I started with Relay in 2001.By 2004, I was a Celebration Ambassador and made a tremendous difference in the fight against cancer,
    • Pamela Leins
      2007 my husband & I faced cancer. He was stage 1 esophageal & ! was stage 4 NHL. 2011 We celebrate 4 yr survivor. Please fund research.
    • Katee Huyghue
      Chino Hills, CA
      My youngest daughters high school graduation.
    • Linda Patrick
      Burbank, CA
      I chaired a committee that raised over $150,000 during a 4 year period for ACS's fight against cancer..
    • Dustin Perchal
      Arlington, VA
      My grandma, a Hodgkins survivor, has been able to meet and spoil all of her grandchildren, including her first great grandhild.
    • Tina Brewer
      Elberon, IA
      My father, a 3 time cancer survivor vowed he would be at my daughters high school graduation. He was there! He died a month later-cancer #4.
    • Berni Ann Lewis
      San Luis Obispo, CA
      Early Detection for Prostate Cancer saved my husbands life four years ago.
    • Nicole Bender
      Vienna, VA
      I took a last great vacation with mom before she died of lung cancer at age 57. Cancer research helped her outlive her 6mo diagnosis by 17mo
    • Shannon Wood
      Castaic, CA
      Wedding- my 2 y/o ring boy died of cancer the month before the wedding. My special Godson whose life was so short missed such a happy event
    • Charles Ball
      Hemet, CA
      I lost my beautiful & lovely wife to kidney cancer after 50 years of marriage.but survived & married to one who lost 2 husbands to cancer
    • Gail E. Carey
      Lindenhurst, NY
      I have survived to see my daughter get married in 2005, then my grandson be born in 2007- if not for ACSCAN, this wouldnt be. Thank you!
    • Sandra Pettis
      Southport, FL
      In January 2007, I was told for the 2nd time that I was free from lung cancer.
    • Bryna Kaufman
      I survived cancer 4 times and outlived my parents.
    • Elizabeth Primeaux
      Midland, TX
      My best friend is a survivor of leiomyosarcoma because she is taking Gleevac! Keep funding research.
    • Kristina Pieller
      Butztown, PA
      Cancer research gave my Mom the opportunity to have a mammogram.
    • Beverly Robinson
      I am a Breast Cancer Survivor, and I am greatful that my annual Mamographic caught my cancer in time,
    • Colleen Cox
      Harleysville, PA
      I was treated for pre-cancer, & told if I had waited 1 MORE month, I would have had stage 1 ovarian and uterine cancer. Today:cancer free!
    • Madelara Hunt
      I got cancer twice and I am a survivor for 3 years now. More funding and more help from the govt. and give us priority.
    • Richard DiMatteo
      San Diego, CA
      A dear friend of mine died of breast cancer at 32, Beautiful, kind, funny and intelligent.
    • Martha Sturtz
      Mexico, NY
      A drug my sister tested before she died,was used in curing my breast cancer 7 yrs later. I enjoy every day due to the success of research!
    • Linda MacPherson
      Ogden, UT
      A nurse, alive four years after colorectal cancer (ostomy) to help my patients understand, cope and give support for their journey.
    • Nichole Noroian
      Salinas, CA
    • Lisa Welton
      Bearsdale, IL
      Going through cancer tx as a 22yo with a 9mo baby, my wish was to see my baby's baby. 21 yrs later, I held my 1st granddaughter!
    • Pam Leins
      Erie, PA
      Mom, Dad & daughter took a much deserved trip to Ireland following chemo treatment for stage 4 NHL
    • Scott Barman
      Rockville, MD
      My niece was born with throat cancer. She went through surgery at 6 months then 3 months of radiation. She's now cancer free!
    • Nikki Giancola
      I watched my students grieve the loss of my best friend and their teacher. It doesn't have to be that way-find the cure!
    • Sally Brzozowski
      I have been cancer-free for 10 years. After my childhood diagnosis of Leukemia (ALL), I am completely healthy and can even donate blood!
    • Marvin Sloan
      Spencer, LA
      I hav been in the battle for almost 10 years. I wanted so bad to see my grand children grow up to be young men and women.
    • Robin Kleinhampl
      Bellingham, WA
      When my mother was diagnosed & family told we could lose her w/i the next 6-8 mos, disbelief came, with care, faith & hope we enjoyed 34 mos
    • Pam Mallette
      Hazelwood, MO
      Shortly after my mom received her stem cell transplant, she was able to hold my hand during the birth of my daughter. :)
    • ashley rockwood
      Canby, OR
      My dad got to meet my daughter
    • Linda Ashauer
      Baltimore, MD
      in 2008 I was diagnosed with lung cancer. I have been cancer free for 3 years after chemo & radiation. Research and funding saves lives.
    • christina chartrand
      Beaver River, NY
      My milestone for me was to see my 2 sons go to kindergarten. I was diagnosed when 1st son was 3 and 2nd son was only 9 months old.
    • Cristal Rodriguez
      New York, NY
      I was only 6 when they diagnosed my mother with cancer. The doctor only gave her 3 months to live and lasted 6 1/2 years
    • Theresa LaBelle
      Holland, MI
      I've been able to beat Breast Cancer, Papillary Thyroid Cancer, and help my son beat Papillary Thyroid Cancer!
    • Mary Ann Jones
      Magee, MS
      I am a 15 year survivor of cancer and am participating in Cancer related 5Ks because I CAN.
    • Brittany Turner
      Kew Gardens, NY
      I received my MBA!!!
    • Estelle Boucher
      Because of funding and cancer research I was able to reach a milestone in my life in being able to get married two and a half years ago.
    • Sandra Delameter
      Cape Coral Centr, FL
      Completing my first marathon when I turned 40
    • Lee Meyers
      Las Vegas, NV
      I survived to see my daughter graduate high school in 2009 AND go to Europe with her.
    • Mary Ann Huslig
      Arlington, TX
      Sept. 2009 milestone - I finished the 5 yrs. of follow-up drug therapy, felt like a release from prison. Next milestone - funds for a cure!
    • Hannah Schoen
      Los Angeles, CA
      I still have a dad because of the effectiveness of surgery in fighting cancer.
    • Lavonda Burgman,Anderson
      Bemiss, GA
      IN 2009 i was diagnose with a BREAST CANCER this SEPT. i will be CANCER FREE for TWO YEARS it was 6 months pior to my 40 birthday .
    • April Kimes
      Sessums, MS
      I was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer in 2005 at 14. I graduated from high school 3rd in my class in 2009. I'm a junior in college 2011
    • HIlda Keener
      Canton, NC
      This milestone is for my mother. She became a great-grandmother for the first time in 2009. She is a two-time survivor of breast cancer.
    • Leann Komm
      Vancouver, WA
      In June of 2009 my daughter graduated from High School. Thanks to the research and pre-detection screenings I was able to see it.
    • Weeza Sanderson
      I am a two time Survivor of Cancer. My biggest Milestone was reaching the 10 year mark of surviving Stage 2 Breast Cancer.
    • Lena Chow
      Albany, CA
      Our son Jesse lost his life at age 15 to glioblastoma, a secondary cancer from radiation treatment he received 10 yrs earlier for leukemia.
    • Holly Holt
      Chuckey, TN
      I named my son Max after my uncle with prostate cancer, he took treatments so he could see my son turn 1. He lived until he was almost 2!
    • Patty Domenichelli
      Healdsburg, CA
      Surviving cancer allowed me to plan my daughter's wedding, attend my son's college graduation & witness my grandson's birth & there's more!
    • Lara Beilby
      Santa Ana, CA
      September 2009 I walked around the hospital doing "Victory laps" after my ovarian cancer surgery.
    • Lena Chow
      Albany, CA
      Our son Jesse lost his life at age 15 to glioblastoma, a secondary cancer from radiation treatment he received 10 yrs earlier for leukemia.
    • Diane Jones
      Chagrin Falls, OH
      My very favorite horse, helped me survive my bout with breast cancer and has helped raise nearly $1million for the ACS.
    • April Jones
      Inver Grove Heig, MN
      My milestone was having my dad walk me down the isle for my wedding.
    • Lena Chow
      Albany, CA
      Our son Jesse lost his life at age 15 to glioblastoma, a secondary cancer from radiation treatment he received 10 yrs earlier for leukemia
    • Ginger Darwin
      Elkhart, IN
      21years 7time survivor of 3 kinds of cancer. Keep the research going !
    • Lisa Bartlett
      Independence, MI
      My amazing 90 yr old aunt has survived 3 kinds of cancer, but I lost my big, strong 57 yr old brother to CUPS. Still so much to learn.
    • Sarah Stroup
      South Jordan, UT
      Celebrating our wedding anniversary one week after my husband completed cancer treatments.
    • MeLissa Olson
      Gaylord, MI
      My aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. Thanks to research and early diagnosis, she was able to dance at my son's wedding in June
    • Julie Strzyzewski
      Highland, MI
      My grand-niece Ava, born December 2009 will not know her grandfather, my brother Jay, lost to cancer in 1985. May her future be cancer free!
    • Sarah Teeter
      Buda, TX
      I lost my father to cancer 3 days after my daughter's first birthday which he wasn't able to attend as he was in hospice.
    • Catherine Walsh
      Hot Springs Vill, AR
      My 10 year mark of survival found me playing golf, Pres. of our association, a Reach to Recovery volunteer and a healthy woman of 60
    • Michelle Mitchell
      Bandera, TX
      My mother is an endometriosis cancer survivor! With the new wonderful da Vinci procedure she was back at 100% in no time.
    • Karen DeCarlo
      Akron, OH
      My sister survived metastatic uterine and ovarian cancer almost 3 yrs ago. She was able to attend my son's wedding, now is fighting again.
    • Leslie Hammersmith
      Sadorus, IL
      I started an affiliate of Young Survival Coalition in my hometown to support other young women diagnosed with breast cancer under age 40.
    • Leslie Hammersmith
      Sadorus, IL
      I started an affiliate of Young Survival Coalition in my hometown to support other young women diagnosed with breast cancer under age 40.
    • Julie Rinehart
      Springfield, OH
      My grandparents (both are cancer survivors) celebrated 75 years of marriage.
    • Michelle Williams-Stevens
      I thank God for allowing me to celebrate 21 years of being cancer free. As a result I have founded Colors Of Hope non-profit org.
    • Ann Wheet
      Minier, IL
      Celebrated a milestone birthday with my husband who is now cancer free!!
    • Marisa Lutz
      I have seen my friends' little boy beat leukemia and grow strong enough to go to school, play soccer and keep up with his 2 older brothers.
    • Susan xx
      I have seen my partner beat stomach cancer and go on to reach the best physical shape of this life and complete his first marathon!
    • Denise Martin
      North Huntingdon, PA
      Rick, Viet Nam Vet, contracted cancer from Agent Orange but with clinical trials had more birthdays with his family - died this Christmas Ev
    • Caroline McGrath
      Danville, CA
      My sister was diagnosed with Leukemia when she was 15. She has since graduated from Stanford with a double major of biology and music!
    • Sandy Huber
      Erlanger, KY
      My milestone is my Father is alive after his battle with lung cancer, cancer free, due to funding and research and the grace of God.
    • Valerie Linabury
      Jamaica, NY
      I survived breast cancer 8 years ago and turned 50 last year. Forty years ago, my father died of colon cancer just before he turned 50.
    • Judy Eiting
      De Pere, WI
      My 50th b-day was actually the anniversary of my 25th re-birthday!
    • Tyesha Durant
      San Bernardino, CA
      I got to fulfill a childhood dream of enrolling in college. I'm now working toward a degree in Liberal Arts.
    • Laura Spencer
      Plainview, TX
      After surviving breast cancer twice, (once in 1996 and again in 2009) my milestone is getting to enjoy my new grandson!
    • Maria Brown
      Syracuse, NY
      After beating breast cancer in 2008, I completed my PhD in 2010 and am beginning life as a college professor this fall
    • Shawn Douglas
      Oakland Park, FL
      My father died on Father's Day 17 years ago, and there's not a day that goes by that I don't think about him!
    • Amy Abbott
      Syracuse, IN
      My husband,Eddie, was able to share one last christmas with all six of our grandchildren. We will remember that day always.
    • Catherine Lowrey
      Oakhurst, CA
      I was here for my 5th grandchild's birth a year ago. I'm able to enjoy all five of them
    • Karen Ardis
      Orange, CA
      Since treatment for advanced breast cancer 13 years ago, I've been able to witness my child marrying and the joy of being a grandma!
    • Joy Brown
      Mason City, IA
      Because of cancer research I have been able to watch all four of my children graduate from high school!
    • Michele Johnson
      Weaverville, CA
      2007 I lost my brother to Squamous Cell Carinoma. 2010 my sister is now cancer free. My dad lives with skin cancer. Evey day is a milestone!
    • janice carter
      El Dorado Spring, MO
      My husband got to see his first grandchild and be a part of his life for the first year.
    • DeWitt Henderson
      Las Cruces, NM
      I reached 10 years cancer-free in December of 2010! While that's great, there are still many more types of cancer to find cures for.
    • Tasha Goode
      Springfield Gard, NY
      My milestone was celebrating my 38th birthday last December 2010 after a breast cancer diagnosis in April 2010.
    • Dawn Cuadras
      Gilbert, AZ
      A little over one yr ago my brother 49 yrs was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma. Thanks to advances in medication he is one yr cancer free.
    • Imogene Tilson
      Harvest, AL
      My Aunt Phill survived lymphoma to celebrate her 90th birthday and be loved by her family for another year!
    • Kelly Headrick
      Littleton, CO
      When my son was 3 and my daughter was 1, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. Her 5 year survival date was a real milestone to all of us!
    • Linda Bolin
      Elliston, OH
      On October 25, 2010 My husband has been 5 years cancer free of lung cancer. He had to loose a lung,and we were told he would die.
    • Phoebe Walling
      Saint Louis Park, MN
      My milestone is living past 57 - the age my mother was when she died from lung cancer. I am an 8 yr lung cancer survivor & now 58!
    • Donna Klosterman
      Waupun, WI
      My husband, Larry, had kidney removed in '08. Now on oral cancer drug, sutent, not availble before '10. He's doing great!
    • Kelly Jackson
      Kentwood, MI
      Thanks to Cancer Research my family is able to spend many more holidays with my Aunt!
    • Jean Sawtelle
      My bone marrow transplant cured my Acute Myloid Leukemia on 10/27/00 . I'm 10yrs healthy & Happy. Reserach works!
    • Beth Moretzsky
      Our first milestone was my father reaching his 50th birthday, 5 years after he was diagnosed. Here's to 60!
    • Jennifer Clarke
      Tampa, FL
      I am a 10 yr breast cancer survivor, and a 4 yr member of a dragon boat team. We placed 10th out of 74 BCS teams competing last yr in Canada
    • Debra Hahn
      Wichita, KS
      Both houses of Congress passed and President Obama signed into law the patient protection act to facilitate healthcare reform.
    • charles shearer
      Hesperia, CA
      i dont have a milestone i lost my wife to breast cancer june 15 2010 CHRISTIE L, JOHNSON 5/16/1973 to 6/15/2010
    • Connie Gilmore
      Bountiful, UT
      Being here for my granddaughter, Grace's birth, and my four other grandchildren is what I'm most thankful for. Please keep up the research
    • Linda Kilmer
      Pembroke, GA
      My cancer was not detectable by feel. It was caught early on my annual mammogram. Mammograms should never be cut from funding!!
    • Marley Spilman
      San Jose, CA
      I am a breast cancer survivor
    • Suzanne Grasse
      Tyler Hill, PA
      My daughters Sweet 16 Birthday
    • Catherine Lee
      Los Angeles, CA
      My 8th year being a cancer survivor and 5th year being cancer-free! I was diagnosed with ALL in September 2002.
    • hHira Ismail
      Mesa, AZ
      I received an International Baccalaureate Diploma in highschool after 3 years of working toward it.
    • Rita Smallcombe
      Kalamazoo, MI
      In 2010 I celebrated 20 years of being cancer free! When I was diagnosed with stage 3 Uterine cancer I thought my life was over, it's not!
    • Matthew Blom
      I get to help plan my grandmothers 90th birthday party, 2 years after she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer
    • Wendy Sokol
      Lake Ronkonkoma, NY
      I watched both my children graduate high school and will be at their weddings some day. I am 11 years cancer free!
    • Chrisitna Castaneda-Hull
      Oakland, CA
      Cancer Free since 04, since then I married and graduated twice with a BA then my JD, more milestones to come!
    • Leanette Abraham
      Philadelphia, PA
      Hattie Abraham was given 6 months to live. She bravely fought for 9 through clinical trials & chemotherapy.
    • Risa Waldoks
      Carlisle Barrack, PA
      Because of cancer research, I had more time to know and love my cousin Jill.
    • Adell Erskin
      Firestone, CO
      I gave birth to my first child and my mother was there for me the whole time, she survived breast cancer 12 years ago thanks to the research
    • Jeffrey Bauman
      Duryea, PA
      I was able to celebrate my moms 62nd & 63rd Birthday. Only two more birthdays after she learned she had cancer!
    • Debra
      Middleport, NY
      I and my "team mates" have raised over 30,000 dollars to help fight this disease! ... Debra
    • Judy
      South Charleston, WV
      I have been able to see both my sons married, one ordained, and celebrated the birth of a beautiful granddaughter.
    • Arlene Fiorella
      Woodside, NY
      Diagnosed 21 years ago,again this past March. Treated & made it to N.Mexico to paint with fellow artists for 10 days in Aug thx to research.
    • Anne Wight
      Newport, MI
      Hi, I am a 5yr. breast cancer survivor. My oldest daughter got married this summer and my youngest next summer!! And I'm here to see them!!
    • Josh Bowes
      Charlotte, NC
      test anti spam 2
    • Meghan Cappel
      Cincinnati, OH
      My uncle has successfully beaten lung cancer, and is happily living his life!
    • karin rudd
      Saint James, NY
      I am alive today because of all of the research in breast cancer. My husband wasn't passed away from melanoma,more research is needed!!!
    • Jacqueliine Wooters
      San Diego, CA
      My mom has breast cancer and because of her treatment she is still here to watch me complete my PhD and play with a new granddaughter
    • Suzanne McDermott
      Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
      I am raising my 2 kids, after a non-Hodgkins Lymphoma diagnosis 11 yrs ago when they were babies. Not posible without ACS & others. Thx!!!
    • Gus Dalis
      Torrance, CA
      As a 2002 prostate cancer survivor I dedicate my energy to fight cancer and to support my 25 year breast cancer survivor wife.
    • Helen Hession
      Lafayette, IN
      September 17, will be 3 year a survivor
    • Patsy Romero
      College Heights, CA
      Early detection and cancer research let me celebrate my 67th birthday. It was also the day of my first round of chemo. Double research $$$
    • Jennifer Rutberg
      A 7 yr old told me that I had to take all my "chemo medicine" because she was "not going through this again!" I did! Now 3 yrs & I'm good.
    • Sue Woods
      I'm alive! Diagnosed with stage 3 BC in 04' and got in the herceptin trial. Had I been diagnosed 5 years sooner, I would not be alive today
    • Dee Glenn
      Everyday that my husband wakes up and gives us a hug is a day for celebration. We'd like to celebrate more tomorrow's!
    • Anne Repinec
      20 years in remission from non-hodgkins lymphoma. There has been some improvement in treatments available since then - but more is needed.
    • Virginia Sanders
      Indianapolis, IN
      I'm going blue this Sept. for my dad, who died of prostate cancer.
    • Andrew Muhl
      Baton Rouge, LA
      Due to advancements made specifically with prostate cancer, my dad is cancer-free and around to spend time with his grandson.
    • Joy Ginsburg
      Stanley, KS
      Cancer-free for one year when I take my little one to kindergarten this fall.
    • Sue Mudd
      Tracy, CA
      My family & friends who are survivors as well as every clear test, biopsy & new treatment I hear of are my milestones; I want more Congress!
    • Bobbie McKee
      Tampa, FL
      Because of research, I'm able to continue spending time and make memories with dear friends who are battling cancer.
    • Sherry Tomasky
      Mayfair, NY
      My grandmother had two extra years of life, enough to meet my youngest daughter, her third great granddaughter.
    • Linda Gallo
      I am an 8 year breast cancer survivor and I have been blessed with three beautiful grandchildren since my diagnosis.
    • Donna Washburn
      Reidsville, NC
      I was able to go on my first missions trip. On September 26, 2011 I will be an 11 year survivor!
    • John Hunt
      White Lake, MI
      Two summers ago I was diagnosed with stage IV mantle cell lymphoma. Thanks to advances in treatment I am officially CANCER FREE!
    • Janet Hanson
      Maysville, GA
      December 28, 2011 will be the 10th anniversary of my surgery to remove my cancer. Thank you
    • Maggie Powell
      Mc Gaw Park, IL
      Thanks to research, I participated in my 14th year of Relay as a breast cancer survivor. I will continue the celebration with a lot of Hope
    • Renee Riddle
      My three daughters will not hear the words I heard " You have cervical cancer" because of research.. they will be one less! Thank you ACS!
    • glenna Pierce
      My daughter & I walked the survivor laps together at our RFL in May.. This is 35 yeasrs cancer free for me and 20 years for my daughter.
      Bluefield, VA
      i have had a birthday seen my grandson graduate! enjoyed my grandson's 7th birthday.
    • Rita Martin
      Stewartsville, VA
      Becasue of research I was able to celebrate my 60 birthday. I am a 3 year breast cancer survivor.
    • Mary Willkin
      At age 81 my mother had non-hodgkins lymphoma. Not only did she survive she will mark her 84th birthday in September.
    • Mary Wilkin
      I had uterine cancer at age 27 and have just celebrated my 54th birthday.
    • Angel Scarbrough
      Buford, GA
      My Daughter is a Cancer Survivor!!On her 6th birthday she was diagnosed with ALL!She just had her 12th Birthday and she is Cancer free!1
    • Jeanette Sibert
      Valley Falls, SC
      I will be celebrating my 2nd birthday 21-Oct as a survivor & still fighting. Research is critical to finding a cure for all types of cancer.
    • Annie Berkowitz
      Raymond, GA
      I am grateful for research that allows many children to survive from brain cancer! That was not possible for our little girl in 1969.
    • Jackie Dillard
      Fairburn, GA
      As the ACS Cancer Action Network celebrates their 10th anniversary, I too will be celebrating my 10th anniversary being a Cancer Survivor
    • Debbie Jasinski
      West Lawn, PA
      5 relatives die of cancer in 6 months. This year both aunt/uncle die of Stage IV cancer same weekend. Increase research to celebrate birth
    • Sally Barclay
      My mother had colon cancer in 2001 and will have her 80th birthday this month due to effective treatment. We are happy to have her with us!
    • Susan Scherr
      New Berlin, WI
      I am a cancer survivor for 34 years of choricarcenoma, and a heart transplant survivor for the past 17 months.
    • Amanda Mellett
      Yuba City, CA
      to teach a daughter that people do survive cancer, even thou she's lost more than she could bare.
    • Patricia Young
      Hampton, VA
      I will be celebrating my fourth Birthday and my fourth Wedding Anniversary next month since my last cancer in Oct 2007.
    • Carolyn Schildgen
      Northbrook, IL
      I will be CELEBRATING my 65th birthday in September. Research has provided me 5 years of life even with kidney cancer. I need your support!
    • Paul Gardner
      San Jose, CA
      Another year has passed that we do not have a cure. It's time to find a cure so our children do not die. My did. I miss my son.
    • Larkin Sinnott
      Alexandria, VA
      I am completely in support of funding research! My milestone is my founding of TrueSurvivors.org it is about survivors of all kinds!
    • Emily Parroccini
      North Warren, PA
      October 15th. My wedding. My mother would have loved to share this milestone with me; she lost her battle 3 years ago.
    • Judith Arnoff
      Bensalem, PA
      Diagnosed with NHL on my 58th birthday, this past May, I made it to Medicare.
    • Kathy Massey
      Greenwood, MS
      My only child is getting married 9/17. My mother will not be there - she died of Lung Cancer. Please increase funding for research!!!!!
    • Diane Seaman
      North Merrick, NY
      Celebrating our son Tyler's 19th birthday without him. He died on October 29, 2010 from a clival chordoma
    • William Russelburg
      Mayfield, KY
      You have got to triple the research funding now. My father died two years ago this Aug 31 of lung cancer. We need a cure!. GOD BLESS YOU
    • Brigit Ryan
      My mom, a 12 year cancer survivor was at my wedding last month. Unfortunately, my grandfather wasnt because of cancer.
    • Alisa Ostebo
      Lake In The Hill, IL
      My Mother died on March 27, 2009 from cancer. I miss her everyday. Please save others from losing thier loved ones too soon!
    • Terry Dyreson
      Spokane, WA
      A year after treatment my mammogram was cancer free. Please keep up the funding so that other people have the opportunity to say that.
    • Garry Lawson
      Milwaukee, WI
      I am a Team Captain in the Milwaukee Cancer Relay for Life. This year my team was able to raise $4,500.00 for cancer research.
    • Colleen Haws
      Camarillo, CA
      I hope and pray that my friend Amy makes it to her 41st birthday on November 15. Her breast cancer has spread to her brain.
    • Carol Hofheimer
      San Jose, CA
      As a cancer survivor, I have raised over $10,000 at Relay For Life. I don't want cancer to be a part of my children's lives!
    • Patricia Young
      Hampton, VA
      I will have my fourth Birthday and Anniversary next month since my last cancer in 10/2007.
    • Megan Simms
      Owosso, MI
      My friend lost her mother to breast cancer and now her son will grow up not knowing Grandma. This is unacceptable :(
    • Kathleen Pfeiffer
      Queensbury, NY
      I ran with several women recovering from cancer in a program called NO boundaries and watched them complete a 5K.
    • Linda Lancaster
      Each day. My milestone. I have metastatic breast cancer, in theory, shouldn't be alive. Clinical trials, family, friends & faith...
    • Gloria Fisher
      Hendersonville, TN
      This my 39th year post simple Mastectomy for cancer (ICC). believe I am alive today because of the understanding of early detection.
    • Tony handler
      Poinciana, FL
      Due to cancer research I haved survived 5 types of cancer and completed 248 triathlons and at age 72 I am still competeing..
    • sandra jordano
      Erie, PA
      I was able to watch both my daughters graduate from high school 2 years after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am happy to be alive!
    • alice lee
      Agricola, MS
      In 4 months it will b 5 yrs cancer free. Women need better opportunities for healthcare. Make it happen!
    • Leeann Vinsel
      Cancer free for 5 years now. I was able to see 2 nieces & my daughter graduate high school & get married.
    • Joe Sanders
      Twelve Corners, NY
      research money goes into human research of natural cancer fighting agents as we need to find something with little or no side effects.
    • Phylecia Wilson
      Clarkesville, GA
      My milestone was in April of this year when I celebrated 10 years of survivorship thanks to funding for cancer research.
    • Nancy Peck
      Gladwin, MI
      My youngest child was 12 when I was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. I attended her college graduation in May!
    • Barbie Cooper
      Mount Pleasant, SC
      Cancer kills. Let us do all that we can to stop this dreadful, terminal disease!
    • Kathy Peters
      Clayville, NY
      My husband and I celebrated our 25th anniversary July 19. Aweek later we went for his prostate biopsy. We'd like 25 more years together.
    • Sandi Coston
      Hendersonville, NC
      I am 5 years (breast) cancer free as of last January thanks to the quality research that I received and the quality Dr.'s that treated me.
    • Cindy Bolda
      Marengo, IL
      I'm turning 50 this year, 6 yrs after my diagnosis and treatment . Also, my husband and I will be celebrating our 30 yr wedding anniversary
    • Bonnie Peterson
      At the end of August my son is getting married. This is five years after being diagnosed with stage four non-hodgkins lymphoma.
    • Betty Colbert
      My brother was given 3 months to live after a brain cancer diagnosis. Others are now living longer thanks to cancer research.
    • Iginio Fontana
      Saint Helena, CA
      When my nephew-in-law died this year of kidney cancer, suddenly I realized how many of my relatives and friends have been afflicted by it.
    • Paul Hochenberg
      Somers, NY
      This Summer I am celebrating my eight year anniversay of being Cancer Free
    • Marc-Antoine Tremblay
      Toano, VA
      My grand-father was diagnosed with prostate cancer and told he had only 9 months to live. Thanks to research, he died 5 years later.
    • Kim Azar Anderson
      Naples, FL
      2012 is the 10th anniversary of my mothers death who lost her battle with cancer.She never got to meet her 1rst grandaughter who will be 9.
    • Donna Huff
      Cave Spring, VA
      This is my 6th year since my breast cancer. In those six years I have seen my oldest daughter get married and have my first grandchild.
    • maggie smith
      Mahopac, NY
      One sister died of breast cancer the other diagnosed is doing very well for the past 8 years
    • Brenda Denzler
      Pittsboro, NC
      The birth of my first grandchild in March 2011. My older son, who is mildly autistic, graduating from a community college in Summer 2011.
    • Holly Randall
      Appleby, TX
      This year, I celebrated my 35th birthday and watched my youngest daughter graduate from Kindergarten! Thank you ACS for making more bdays!
    • Maureen Lee
      Elgin, IL
      I have seen two grandchildren born.
    • Carolyn Lewis
      Alma, MI
      I have a son that is batteling cancer at this time he is 38 years old. We need to fund the research so these people have achance for more .
    • Tara Beck
      Exeter, MO
      To watch each one on my 3 children celebrate another b-day. Also my middle child is starting kindergarten. :-)
    • Susan Moranda
      Johnson City, NY
      My 23 yr. old daughter passed away from a rare cancer, a year before a treatment could have saved her.Cut research? What if it were ur child
    • Mary Clark
      Granada Hills, CA
      We are celebrating a year and a half survival of my sister who was diagnosed with breast cancer in November, 2009.
    • Jan Kelley
      Sacramento, CA
      This year I reached my ten year milestone of being cancer free! I was diagnosed w/breast cancer 2/15/2001, had surgery, chemo & radiation.
    • Geraldine Johnson
      Hollister, CA
      I am now 9 years free of cancer due to early detection. I thank God every day for advanced research on detection, medicines and treatments.
    • Pam Massey
      Gig Harbor, WA
      My friend and fellow Relayer was able to walk in our Relay for Life in June because of new drugs used to treat her breast cancer.
    • Annie Rohde
      Pine Island, MN
      The P.S.A. test saved my father, uncle, cousin and a colleague from a prostate cancer death sentence!!
    • Natalie Jackson
      THANK YOU for making it possible to see my 4th daughter graduate from college... and to have another birthday for me!
    • gabrielle campbell
      Philadelphia, PA
      I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 3. I am now 19 yrs old and 15yrs cancer free. I am currently a college nursing student.
    • Theresa Baack
      Kearney, NE
      February 2011 was my 6th birthday after my second bout of breast cancer. Four young children get to have their mother watch them grow.
    • Vickie Suggs
      Golden, CO
      This Aug I will turn 60. In Aug of 2008 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Drs. and new technology saved my life.
    • Jennifer Masiello
      Brooklyn, NY
      My best friend celebrated now over a year and a half of being cancer free. She is 35 and has a 2 year old. Thank you for the research!
    • Rita Horton
      Charlotte, NC
      I am a one year breast canver survivor. Without the American Cancer Society it would be difficult for people to get educated on cancer.
    • Mary Ann Bender
      Lancaster, PA
      I reached four years surviving Appendiceal cancer in July of this year.It is a rare and often deadly cancer. Thanks to Dr. Armando Sardi.
    • Tera Earlywine
      Hillsborough, CA
      5 years ago this month, my mother overcame breast cancer and is now completely in remission. I am now able to celebrate countless birthdays.
    • Vicki Robbins
      I was diagnosed in 2000 with Renal cell carcinoma, my children both under 5. Today my son is a Soph. and daughter in 7th. Still fighting...
      Palm City, FL
    • Janet Carmichael
      Shawnee, KS
      On august 24,2011, I will be a 3 year survivor of breast cancer
    • James Vuncannon
      San Antonio, TX
      My Father had it, my mother had it, my aunt had it, now I have it. Who's next, someone you care about or even you.
    • Wayne Peluso
      Latrobe, PA
      So that I have the opportunity to grow gracefully old with my wife who is a cancer survivor.
    • Carol Carrasca
      Hermantown, MN
      Every February I reach a milestone; another year as a cancer survivor. It is now 32 years!
    • Lisa Manca
      Yonkers, NY
      I am a survivor of breast cancer, survived a lumpectomy in October, 2010, survived a double masectomy April 2011, be a believer!
    • Janice Pritchett
      Bedford, IN
      We have a 7 year old grandson who has been battling cancer for over two years. Please we need more research to find cures
    • Nicole Molina
      San Diego, CA
      In august of 2009 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and have been free of it for two yrs. Hope to live a long cancer free life.
    • Maria Giordano
      I have a friend who had two children dispite uterine cancer and has been cancer free for 12 years!!! Please keep supporting cancer reseach.
    • Carol Cross
      Taycheedah, WI
      My friend lost her husband yesterday to Cancer...he won't see his children or Grandchildren get married! I want to see mine married!
    • Mary L Johnson
      Howell, MI
      When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997, I didn't have any grandchildren. Now I have six wonderful grandchildren.
    • Jodee Brown
      Covington, IN
      Cancer free since '07. I have finished my Masters Degree and am now working on becoming a Lawyer. Thanks to my husband and five children.
    • Annette Kroun
      Goldens Bridge, NY
      Became a grandmother of twins- bringing total # of grandchildren to 11.
    • Sandra Shapiro
      Farmington Hills, MI
      I am observing the 15th anniversary of my diagnosis with breast cancer thanks to the research that made it possible.
    • Marilyn Lesher
      Jeffersontown, KY
      I have 2 grandchildren I wouldn't have known. I'm a 3 time cancer survivor getting ready to battle another recurrance. Research is the key.
    • joan petry
      Sunrise, FL
    • Jennifer Fielder
      Anchorage, AK
      A Mammogram saved my life 6 years ago: LADIES=get your mammies-grammed!
    • Deborah Mackie
      I want to see a cure for lung cancer to save my brother. I am a cancer survivor of 8 years and I want to see him be one too!
    • Heidi M.
      Topeka, KS
      2 time cancer survivor. First time it's been 16 years, second time it's been 8 years. I have kept cancer at bay over half of my life!!!
    • Gwendolyn Brody
      Port Townsend, WA
      I have been able to be alive today thanks to the advances in cancer research that was able to catch my cervical cancer in time to be treated
    • Susan Clarkson
      I lost my best friend in January, 2011, the day before her 60th birthday. But fortunately with advances made through the years since she was diagnosed she lived 22 years, it enable
    • Shelby Fathergill
      Lancaster, KY
      I am now in my 17th year of survival from breast cancer. I was able to complete a 32-year teaching career and now doing legal work
    • Kathleen Brown
      10 yrs 10/11/11 I have lived to see my children become a teacher, a Doctor, get married and have children. FUND! FUND! FUND!
    • Cindy Trait
      Johnson City, NY
      My sister-in-law has grade IV braincancer and because of treatment she was able to see her youngest child graduate from high school.
    • shannon spiker
      Martinsburg, WV
      Please double the cancer research funding, my girlfriend got cancer at the mere age of 30 years old! It could be anyone you know. Please
    • Jann Wooldridge
      San Antonio, TX
      My mother is alive today due to the chemotherapy she received. She lives to see her great grand daughter's birth.
    • Terry Morrison
      Cave Spring, VA
      2 years since I had breast cancer which was found with a routine annual mamagram. I'll be celebrating my 55th milestone birthday on 8/19/11
    • Billey howard
      Canton, MI
      I have graduated highschool and i am about to start college. I have been cancer free for 6 years
    • Cindy Hook
      Bakersfield, CA
      18 Months Cancer Free. Melanoma that went to my brain.
    • Sue Bauer
      Paola, KS
      I have been able to see both of my children graduate from high school, both of them get married, and now have two beautiful granddaughters!
    • Melanie Wilson
      Fort Worth, TX
      This year I am celebrating my 10th anniversary as a cancer survivor!
    • Hillary Parmer
      Birmingham, AL
      My grandfather has lived to see another great grandchild born thanks to the advancements in cancer research!!
    • Penny Mio Hirst
      Baudette, MN
      Two years post-stem cell transplant I hope to become a mother through adoption. :)
    • Teri Stromberg
      Menomonee Falls, WI
      Because of new drugs like Oxaliplatin to treat Colon Cancer,my husband & I are looking forward to retirement year,cancer free!
    • Frances Krivicich
      Levittown, NY
      My college graduation, my 25th birthday, my first triathlon. All milestones I wish my dad was here for, but he died of cancer 6 yrs ago.
    • Sue Affolter
      Clifton, KS
      My milestone is to celebrate my daughters wedding in August and my 30th wedding anniversary in September and my sons wedding in June 2012.
    • Elaine Howsley
      Purcell, OK
      I had cancer in Jan 2011. I have 3 grand-daughters, 2 of them born in 2011. I don't want them to have breast cancer.
    • Ted Roberts
      Mission Viejo, CA
      I have lost eight (8) members of my family to cancer. We have the tools and some dedicated research Drs. in the labs, but we must fund them
    • Cheryl Sibley
      This year marked my 10th anniversary as a breast cancer survivor! Congress needs to keep funding cancer research!
    • Kelly Jones
      Caledonia, NY
      My son is getting married the end of August, and I'm looking forward to someday having grandchildren!
    • Denise Goyack
      Plano, IL
      My son has just past away after a two battle with neuroblastoma pediatric cancer. No funding is being directly towards Neuroblastoma. Why,
    • Amy Douglas
      Ponchatoula, LA
      I lost my dad when I was 16 years-old. This means he was not at my Sweet 16, my high school and college graduations or my wedding.
    • Melissa Valenzuela
      Los Nietos, CA
      I ran a 5k in support of my grandma and all women with cancer.
    • Susan Thigpen
      Wytheville, VA
      At age 52, my grandmother died of breast cancer. At age 52 I had a small lump removed and radiation I am now 67 and going strong!
    • Betty Dickey
      Niles, MI
      In March 2011 my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer. If not for an emergency room visit with pneumonia we still would not know he had it
    • Tara McCall
      My son was 6 mos & daughter 2.5 when my mom was rediagnosed w/breast cancer.She survived 2.5 years to make memories to last their lifetime.
    • Kim Bailey 6856 Chrysanthemum Ct
      Eagle Creek, IN
      This is my 5th year Cancer Free. My original diagnosis was 17% survival rate. At 42, the breast cancer was agressive. I thank the American Cancer Society for all they have done
    • Donna Peters
      Fayetteville, NC
      December 19, 2011 - I will be 16 years cancer free. Cervical Cancer, Breast Cancer and Thyroid cancer. I beat them all!
    • Peggy Shinkle
      Hemet, CA
      My husband's milestone is that he is well enough to travel and 'pin' our daughter, Laurie, at her RN graduation on Dec. 8, 2011. Pancr IV
    • Christine Shemeta
      East York, PA
      I have watched my daughter be confirmed by the Church and my son graduate from high school since being treated for breast cancer.
    • Diana Uribe
      Tucson, AZ
      When I completed my Ph.D. in Cancer Biology my hometown friends and family celebrated with me knowing it will bring hope for a cure.
    • Pattie Greener
      Newnan, GA
      I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer 5 1/2 years ago. I was extremely ill, but with FAITH, the ACS, research, I pulled through. SUPPORT AC
      Mount Carmel, IL
    • Bonnie Frederick
      Day Heights, OH
      My daughter is 41 and has metastatic breast cancer . It is in her bones. With her meds now she is doing well. More money please.
    • Jerri Wood
      Marysville, WA
      I am writing because my brother is a widower at the age of 48 because his wife died of colon cancer. Never to hold her grandchildren.
    • Connie Kelsey
      Silver Lake, KS
      Cancer research has helped my sister survive 5 years after breast cancer surgery & my niece 5 years after bladder cancer.
    • Sandy Clabaugh
      Andrews, IN
      I have been able to watch my grandson learn to swim and hope that with reseach I will never have to face cancer again.
    • Jill Quijada
      Moorpark, CA
      I wasn't sure I would see my son turn 2 after hearing the words, "You have cancer". I am PROUD to say we just celebrated his 11th Birthday!
    • Carrie Foreman
      Rosman, NC
      I am a 2 yr survivor of breast cancer - the first in my BRCA2 positive family to NOT die from the disease. Reason? Research.
    • Jana Jeffries
      San Angelo, TX
      Due to early detection, my father is a 5 year colon cancer survivor. He and mom will celebrate 65 years of marriage this year.
    • Rev. Kathy Bird DeYoung
      Aurora, CO
      I have reached four years cancer free. I was diagnosed with stage 2 Breast Cancer in 2007. Thanks to research - I have a positive prognosis.
    • David Abebrese
      Woodbridge, VA
      I celebrate the 5th survival milestone of my friend and fellow school course mate who has survived cancer
    • Stefanie Bennett
      Marysville, WA
      Thanks to cancer research my husband is a three year cancer survivor.
    • phyllis cornett
      Johnson City, TN
      Thanks to early detection my friend Candy is a survivor and has gotten more time with her grandchildren. Shes a great mentor and friend!
    • phyllis cornett
      Johnson City, TN
      Thanks to early detection my friend Candy is a survivor and has gotten more time with her grandchildren. Shes a great mentor and friend!
    • Bethann Baskies
      Boca Raton, FL
      this year: 26 yr. survivor, 70th Birthday, 48th anniversary, Our son & wife celebrate 20year anniversary Thanks to Cancer Research!
    • Paula Vigorito
      Rubidoux, CA
      In June '12, my daughter Kelli will earn her BS in Nutrition after beating Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2007!!! Whoo hooo Kelli...
    • Marcia Maiuo
      I have had 14 more birthdays and 15 more anniversaries since the tumor in my breast was removed. No mastectomy because of advanced research.
    • Anna Renault
      Essex, MD
      Thanks to research, I have successfully fought my 8th battle cancerous tumor journey over 34 years. Yet, we've got a long way to go!!!
    • Christy Kelly
      Highlands, NC
      I was able to dance at the weddings of my two daughters because of the early detection/treatment of my cancer. Thank you ACS!
    • Joa Fencel
      Next week I celebrate 7 years cancer free!
    • Charlotte Olsson
      I have been able to celebrate 2 more birthdays with each of my grandchildren thanks to research and treament advances for ovarian cancer.
    • Michele Rivenburgh
      Crescent City, CA
      Completed the 12th annual Relay For Life event in my town by raising almost 1,000 individually and $10,000 with my team.
    • William Karabinus
      Cabot, AR
      I have fallen in love with a beautiful woman and we now live together in Cabot, AR. If this cancer kills me it will destroy her.
    • Marcia Gutierrez
      Topeka, KS
      I was diagnosed with breast cancer on 09/11/08; every year on that date is a milestone for me. Plus the birth of my great nephew 09/13/08.
    • Michael Swensen
      Circleville, NY
      My wife has beat stage 4 breast cancer since '03 due to clinical trial.Has allowed us to start a Relay that has raised over $1Mil in 7yrs!
    • sherron roberts
      Oviedo, FL
      A good friend starts hormone therapy& radiation for 8 wks hoping to eradicate prostate cancer. Double the research to double our hope, plz!
    • connie stephan
      Gaylord, MI
      I have CNS Lymphomia they said I would never walk I had chemo for a year I'm WALKING in Relay for life our team has raised over $6000
    • Maggie Osborne
      Buffalo Grove, IL
      Thanks to cancer research my mom is a Breast Cancer survivor and is a wonderful Grandmother to my daughter!
    • Eileen Mankin
      Ogden, NC
      No further deaths in my family from cancer since 2005 after losing seven the15 years before, ranging in age from 25 to 62.
    • brenda reed
      Indian Wells, CA
      40* year Susan , Mother of 3 of our 10 grandchildren, was diagnosed with a melanoma 4 years ago. Now cancer free . Successful trial, Ucla
    • Dale Uetrecht
      Groesbeck, OH
      Our daughter-in-law had a double mastectomy--is doing well--because of genetic research that applied to her. Much more research is needed.
    • Toni Gurvin
      Cave Creek, AZ
      Seven year survivor today 8 \ 8
    • Emily Lloyd
      Tyrone, PA
      My parents recently celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary. Once day I hope to reach this milestone with my future husband.
    • Craig Sundberg
      Erie, PA
      Jack Tyler Sundberg has a story that can be seen at his website www.jacksbattle.com. If this is compelling and you need more - contact me.
    • Patricia Burnette
      Matthews, NC
      My son's wedding, my daughter's graduation, celebrating 32 years of marriage
    • Lois Kapp
      I was able to share in my mom's 90th birthday in June. My mom is a breast cancer survivor.
    • Lisa Vallee
      This past year, I celebrated five years of being cancer-free!
    • Karen Schueler
      White Marsh, MD
      My Stage 3B breast cancer was detected by mammogram in 2005 - no lump was felt nor did I have any family history. I am in remission.
    • Mindy Bruce
      Aurora, IN
      Sept 2009-Married-Sept 2010-Cancer Diagnosis-Sept 2011-?? (we are praying cancer still free)
    • mickey scherl
      New York, NY
      During my 20 year cancer journey, I have reached many milestones. I have celebrated 21 more birthdays, my most recent one being my 78th!
    • George L. Brocklehurst
      Davison, MI
      In 2003 my daughter, Cheryl Ann Rupp, died when her breast cancer matasticised and moved to her liver. More research is needed.
    • Alice Miller
      Newtown, OH
      My son is getting married next month. I am so blessed to be here to celebrate this happy occasion with him.
    • D. Michael Rayo
      Mesa, AZ
      I've become a backer and advocate for cancer research. Especially a cure for Glioblastoma which is the cancer that my wife died from.
    • Mary Buchholz
      Madison, WI
      I have had a severe case of melanoma and two cases of breast cancer. We need to control tobacco in this country
    • Roberta Lash
      Novi, MI
      April 30, 2008 marks the day we lost our 27 year son to Ewings Sarcoma. Please help others to not reach similar milestones. Thank you.
    • Patti Slupski
      Sacramento, CA
      April 8 th was the two year milestone of losing our 66 yr old Dad, husband, grandpa, and father-in-law. He was everything to our family
    • Terri Knowles
      Stanwood, WA
      My 4 year old grandson has NEUROBLASTOMA, every day I celebrate & wait for a cure, he still has cancer, we still need more birthdays.
    • Naomi Bibbins
      New York, NY
      I'm a two-time cancer survivor of two different types of cancers. 29 and 12 years respectively.
    • Annemarie Martinez
      Aspen Hill, MD
      Everyday I wake up is a milestone. I''ve 19 cancer surgeries from 1967 to April 7,2011
    • Bridget Cheatham
      Shawnee, KS
      In OCt 2011 I will have been cancer free for 5 years. I plan on seeing my son graduate college, get married & have children.
    • Janice Janusch
      Burleson, TX
      I have seen my sons graduate & be married.I have seen my grandchildren born and now watching them go into high school and jr. high.
      Spring Valley, WI
      My Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2000, becasue of the PSA test - they found the cancer early & he will celebrate his 80th bday.
    • Carole Seigel
      My husband was 58 years old when he learned he had pancreatic cancer. He survived for 27 months. That is not long enough.
    • Vikki Rideout
      Severn, MD
      I am turning 50 this year--thanks to early detection of cancer. Please double the funding so more people will reach this milestone
    • Barbara Burd
      Greenville, DE
      I'm a 29 year survivor this year...The 10 year old daughter I'd hope to see become a teenager will turn 40 this year and we will celebrate!
    • Jim Corradini
      Graham, NC
      Through the work done daily at the PRT Brain Tumor Center, I was able to witness my daughter's birth and first year of her life
    • Claudine Annett
      The Colony, TX
      My son is a cancer survivor who was condemned to die from his Lymphoma stage 4 large B cell... YET he will have another BD on 8/16/11
    • connie pennington
      Leeton, MO
      On my 46th birthday i got diagnosed with ovarian cancer.We have got to keep pushing for a cure for this awful disease. All about life!
    • Linda Fogarty
      Syracuse, NY
      If it was for cancer research and advancements I would not have survived to celebrate 3 extra birthday or see my children go off to colleg
    • Mary Otahal
      Winthrop Harbor, IL
      The birth of my two grandsons in 2006 and 2009! After being diagnosed with cancer in 2002. What a blessing!
    • Suzanne Dilts
      Indianapolis, IN
      I am raising five children!
    • Esther Jacobs
      Skokie, IL
      I turned 65 in July. When I was diagnosed just after my 50th birthday with breast cancer, I was not sure I would ever reach 65 & love it!
    • Susue Leith
      Stanley, NC
      I am hoping to hit my milestone of 5 years...cancer free on Aug 24. Returning to my oncologist and surgeon then. Ovarian cancer SURVIVOR!
    • Marcia Robinson
      New York, NY
      16 yrs I'm cancer free! Imperative Congress double fund cancer research. If it hadn't been for the research, I might not be alive today.
    • Meagin Pazooki
      Tacoma, WA
      I just celebrated my 40th birthday. Our Relay for Life team raised over 2,000.00 this year to fight back against cancer!
    • Jody Powers
      Frazer, PA
      @ age 38 stage 4 brain cancer; age 42 endometrial; perfect fam. history; I was saved through new technology, research, of course God too.
    • Lori Dunn
      Thorndale, PA
      Six yrs after my husband's diagnosis of Stage IV Colon Cancer, we BOTH watched our twin girls receive theri 1st Holy Communion
    • Sandra Hoover
      Neffsville, PA
      As of December29, 2011 I will be 20 years cancer free! I had cervical cancer and had a radical hysterectomy in1991.
    • Lisa Goglio-Zarczynski
      Bay View, WI
      I am HAPPY to have celebrated 4 years since my diagnosis of breast cancer. I have lost too many family members to various forms of cancer.
    • Karen Dominguez
      Joshua, TX
      I am a two time cancer survivor. Do to better medicine and knowledge I am now 8 yrs out on my 2nd occurrence.Have gotten to know my grandson
    • Jenna Hague
      Yorkville, IL
      My grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2010 and on August 7, 2011 she celebrated her 90th birthday cancer-free!
    • Pauline Wehr
      Harwood Heights, IL
      In September, I will celebrate my 1st cancerversary with many more to follow. Research provides more opportunities for us to win the battle.
    • Kim R. Smarsh
      Miles City, MT
      My family has celebrated 34 more birthdays with my mom due to early detection of melanoma.
    • lisa seitz
      Choctaw, OK
      I was able to get some new friends, and I needed them a lot. I was also able to help a lot of people with the voting for the YMCA Project.
    • Beckie Sherman
      Moneta, VA
      My daughter will celebrate her 39th birthday 8/10 in spite of a malignant brain tumor diagnosis in 1996, thanks to clinical trial treatment
    • Kris Langgaard
      Guthrie Center, IA
      I am a College Graduate, Married man, And have 2 beautiful children (2 years and 3 months old). After being given a 40% of living in 2002.
    • Valerie Durkin
      Elmhurst, IL
      I was diagnosed with ER negative Her2Neu+ breast cancer in July, 2010. I underwent surgery, chemo, and radiation. I had my 63rd b-day on7/25
    • james peterson
      Decatur, IL
      oldest brother and his 2 sons died cancer other bro 'and wife died ccancer .me and other bro had cancer my daughter and son died cancer
    • Deborah J. Cornwall
      I'm approaching the 10th anniversary of my diagnosis with breast cancer. My cancer was found very early, thanks to research developments.
    • Oscar Walker
      Bradenton Beach, FL
      I just celebratated my 92 birthday yesterday thanks to cancer research!
    • Nancy Ambrose
      Bradenton Beach, FL
      I was able to see baby Mya who was born on Friday.
    • Paul Frasnelli
      Five years ago my wife was informed that she had stage four colon cancer. She has had five birthdays and Christmas with us. Thanks her Dr.
    • Denise Griego
      Three Rivers, CA
      Thanks to cancer research, I am a 6 year breast cancer survivor and celebrated my 40th Anniversary in Greece this year.
    • Mary Tawzer
      Los Alamos, CA
      I saw my daughter get married & her 2 children be born. I saw my 3 kids graduate HS.. I'm a world champion powerlifter! 14 yr survivor!
    • Ronald Ratner
      Sioux Falls, SD
      Eleven year colon cancer survivor and looking for many more cancer free years.
    • Judy Shadrick
      Montgomery, AL
      May, 2011 was my 13th cancer-free anniversary. I am so thankful for Congressional funding for research!
    • Marian McWhorter
      Houston, TX
      Nov., 2000, I was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma & told I had a 40% chance to live five years. This November, I will reach 11 year mar
    • Patricia Curry
      Rochester, NY
      I am a four year kidney cancer survivor. I had no symptoms. My cancer was found by coincidence. I was lucky the cancer was Stage 1.
    • Dyani Bingham
      Billings, MT
      The Day my Husband Quit Smoking!
    • Marla Wise
      Canton, GA
      My mother, an ovarian cancer survivor, her youngest granddaughter ( who was a year old when Mama was diagnosed) graduate from high school.
    • Paul Onder
      The moment that I found out how the people that represent WE THE PEOPLE are using tax payer dollars to buy votes. IT'S OVER!
    • Amy Stone
      Lancaster, OH
      I was only 10 yrs. old when I was dignosed with Brain Cancer in 1990. Now in 2011 I am 31 and graduating with a Masters in Special Education
    • Jennifer Baratta
      Bellerose, NY
      Down to 120lbs
    • marcella henderson
      Savannah, GA
      I am a cancer survivor and I reached my 30th year in the field of social work June 30,2011 !
    • Kristine Kohlman
      Saint Paul, MO
      My mother was diagnosed with melanoma last year in November. Despite a grim initial prognosis, she has shared her grandchildren's birthday
    • Ronald Brown
      Longmont, CO
      I'm a prostate cancer survivor, and there are 4 other family members who are cancer survivors. Milestones are birthdays.
    • Lisa Lella
      Norwich, NY
      We just learned that our son & daughter in law are expecting our first grandchild. I pray that I will be alive to meet the child
    • Eva Madden
      Huntington, WV
      In May 2011 I looked into the eyes of my first great-grandchild and my heart soared. I am a 13 year ovarian cancer survivor
    • Maria Acuna
      Buda, TX
      My daughter Brianna who lost the battle to cancer at the age of 7yrs old. Hard part of this is her telling me what she wanted at her funeral
    • Mary Kay Rodgers
      Willard, MO
      October 1st, I will have reached my 9th birthday of surviving a very aggressive breast cancer!
    • Hana Callaghan
      Los Altos, CA
      2005-Stage 3 Colon Cancer. 2011- (two grandchildren, two college graduations, and one dream job later) NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE! Thanks ACS!
    • paul smith
      Exton, PA
      My wife's journey with endometrial cancer--surgery--2006--radiation(upon recurrence--2007( cancer-free since).
    • Caryn Williams
      Union, OH
      I was watched my son graduate from H.S. this year, and with continued funding and research I'll be able to watch my daughter in 4 years.
    • Ginger Freeze
      Bryan, TX
      One dozen is the number of years I have been cancer free due to research funded and programs supported by the American Cancer Society!
    • Carol Vimeberg
      Forest Hills, NY
      I am grateful to avehad oneofthenewestsurgeriesfor Breast Cancer December 2006. following my surgery I was placed on Arimadex for 5 years.
    • Karen Borgen
      My 14-yr-old daughter died Jan. 24th after 4-yr leukemia battle. Milestones are now without her: first Mother's Day without her, etc. SAD.
    • Leann Phelan
      Novato, CA
      After a long year battling cancer, I look forward to my 43rd birthday and cancer free!
    • Kehaunani Matsumoto
      Honolulu, HI
      I am a four-time breast cancer survivor, fortunate to have had Tamaxofin & Herceptin for my treatment, & my faith.
    • David Wade
      Flemington, MO
      My mom is cancer-free now after going through treatment for Lymphoma. We would have lost her three years ago if treatment not been available
    • Maria Jackson
      San Luis Obispo, CA
      I have survived 22 years of being breast cancer free and celebrated my 90th birthday in June. .
    • Phillip Squire
      Clemmons, NC
      I had a CT scan looking for a blockage in my abodmen and they found a sarcoma on the tip of my right hip. My fifth different cancer.
    • Paola DeRose
      Mahopac, NY
      My family members have died of cancer & some friends b/c doctors didn't have a cure. Luckily my dad, uncle & cousin survived. Fund-Cure-live
    • lois racich
      Orlando, FL
      In 2004, I was diagnosed with Lymphoma (NHL) and I am now celebrating 7 years in remission. Say YES to research!!
    • Carolyn Von Ahnen
      October 2009 Mammogram - stage 2 tumor - TCH chemo - lumpectomy - radiation - all treatments DONE 7/2/2010 -- Celebrating 1 Year Clear!!!!
    • Maxwell Meiborg
      Cedar Rapids, IA
      Maxwell was diagnosed with medullablastoma when he was 2 years old. Today, he is a healthy 7 year old starting first grade in the fall.
    • Rose Miller
      New Bern, NC
      Diagnosed with breast cancer at age 38 and now 55. Saw both daughters graduate from college and marrry.
    • Lori Amaral
      I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 35. As of July 29, 2011 I'm 3 years cancer free!!!!!!
    • Chantale Souffrant
      Bronx, NY
      Every second, minutes I spend with my mom or talking to her on the phone is truly a gift.
    • Barbara Bisig
      Elba, NY
      I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March of 2010. I am all done with chemo and radiation now undergoing therapy for Lympthedema.
    • Coleen McKinstry
      Sun City, AZ
      I will be 8 years cancer free this October, and celebrating yet another birthday!
    • Tiffany Hughes
      Holtsville, NY
      Just got to see my son graduate from high school, celebrate another birthday with my daughter and another anniversary w/my husband!
    • Donna Bianco
      Yonkers, NY
      I stood with the principal as my son was handed his high school diploma. This May, I watched as he received his bacehlor's degree.
    • Linda Fordoski
      Kersey, PA
      Please continue to fund for cancer research. I have been fighting cancer for 7years now and my mother-in-law is fighting lung cancer.
    • Phyllis Young
      Bosque Farms, NM
      Thanks to research for breast cancer, I am an 11 year survivor. I took medication for 10 of that, Please double the $ to fight cancer.
    • Mary Gotsch
      Poughquag, NY
      have reached almost 2 years being cancer free. I thank good for being able to see my only son get married want to see my daughters wedding
    • Joanne Heiss
      Dobbs Ferry, NY
      I reached my milestone April, 2011 and it will be 8 years that I am a breast cancer survivor.
    • Catherine Uzar
      Palm City, FL
      My daughter completed her Freshman year of college! She was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer at age 11, She will soon turn 20 !
    • Michael Kessler
      Thayer, MO
      Since my younger sister was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, she has celebrated three mote Birthdays thanks to chemotherapy.
    • Kathy Williams
      Hulberton, NY
      On July 10, 2011 I reached a new milestone in my cancer journey. That was the day I reached "11 more birthdays" in my fight against cancer.
    • Sue Webb
      Lafayette, MS
      After cancer in 1999, I helped my daughter with her wedding in 2000! I b eat cancer again in 2009!
    • Rose Rossi-Williams
      Rochester, NY
      July 2, 2011 my son Sean lost his battle with lung cancer. He was 39.
    • Mary Murphy
      Ann Arbor, MI
      8 years since mammograms detected my first breast cancer. 4 years since mammograms detected a second occurrence. Healthy since treatment.
    • Carol Spaulding
      Laurel, MD
      Our son, who was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a brain cancer, at age 14, graduated from high school in May, 2011.
    • Teresa Mason
      Antioch, TN
      My Mom, Noreta Bowers, gallbladder cancer survivor for over 1 year. Diagnosed 8/5/10.
    • dorothy doane
      Syracuse, NY
      my daughter survived breast cancer at age twenty nine. She made it to her thirtieth birthday. I want her to live a very long life
    • Melodi McGee
      Quartz Hill, CA
      I will be celebrating my 29th birthday this weekend!
    • Jill Ankrom
      Dover, OH
      You have got it double it. My dad I lost...my son is in remission...my husband is still getting treatments. OMG...this is a horrible disease
    • Siobhan Bernard
      Stafford, VA
      My milestone is to get more birthdays in these coming up years. I have started with the Alex's Lemonade Stand Fund for Pediatric Cancer.
    • Marcia Bundalian-Stephen
      Chino, CA
      I just lost my cousin to cancer two days ago. This is why it is important for Congress to double fund for cancer research!
    • Mary Gauden
      Rostraver, PA
      I lost my mom to small cell lung cancer, from the start we knew there was no cure. LET'S FIND A CURE!!
    • Amanda Itliong
      Rochester Hills, MI
      3 years ago today I was diagnosed with cancer. Every single day is a milestone for me as I work improve myself and my community!
    • robert goudy
      Manor, DE
      I have surpassed all the all of the statistical numbers thatt were prsented in the begining of my journy This is my 21st year & many more
    • Michell Olson
      Fertile, MN
      I have a friend who would have died 4 years ago, now has been cancer free for one and a half years, thanks to the expermental drugs.
    • Valerie Pracilio
      Philadelphia, PA
      Research has led to 6 years of hope for my Aunt Debbie and countless others. Keep the hope alive. Support research.
    • Amy Enlow
      Saint Joseph, MO
      In April 2004, I was diagnosed with double breast cancer. Due to funding I am alive to celebrate my 20th wedding anniversary in October.
    • Carla Compton
      Placerville, CA
      My milestone for one, is that my became a doctor, and all on his own. He also became a Captain in the National Guard USAF.
    • Kaitie Bryan
      Owasso, OK
      Because of what research has been done, my mother was able to attend my college graduation because she beat her breast cancer!
    • Deb Mann
      Richlandtown, PA
      I celebrated my 23rd year of being cancer free.
    • TiQuita Carter
      Milwaukee, WI
      Plan to make it to my 5 year milestone in October!!!
    • Lola Schiefelbein
      Richland, WA
      My mother nearly missed Thanksgiving with us in 2003...thanks to advances in cancer research and updated equipment, she is still with us!
    • Katie Klebba
      Mandeville, LA
      I am six years cancer free and will finish nursing school in December!
    • Jeanne Angalet
      Pacheco, CA
      My recent milestone was celebrating being alive 5 years post-diagnosis, in October 2010. Next milestone - seeing my son employed!
    • JO Wilson
      Bristolville, OH
      I have reached my 70th year and celebrated 16 years as a cancer survivor of both breast cancer and colon cancer. Have done14yrs of doing rel
    • Ruby Soliz
      Diamond Bar, CA
      grandaughter, 4, diagnosed with brain cancer in Sept. 2010. Had surgery, intense chemo and radiation. Please research child brain tumors.
    • chester cupp
      Newburgh, IN
      I have just turned age 65 and at 64 i was dianoised with small cell lung cancer. i been sick for the past year , hoping that someone helps
    • Shari T.
      Reston, VA
      I was successfully treated for basal cell skin cancer in March. Research, education and early detection save lives!
    • Danielle O'Connell
      Elmsford, NY
      As a young mother of 2 dianosed wih lung cancer, everyday is a gift. Being a part of their life means every thing to me.Please keep serching
    • Hannah Katz
      Denver, CO
      My mom was able to see me graduate with both my BA and Masters. I can't wait for even more milestones with her! Love you mom 3+ so far :)
    • Lisa Herron
      Pasadena, CA
      I have been free of breast cancer for 15 years, yeah.
    • Mary Hagens
      Fairfield, CA
      3 1/2 yr survivor and going strong-gving back. Volunteering for Call Back, Road to Recovery and ACS CAN. Fund the research - more Birthdays
    • Tatiana Granoff
      Los Altos, CA
      I held my first grandchild in my arms, 16 years after hard chemo/radiation. I thank the Stanford Cancer Center every day.
    • Sherry Phillips
      Mc Camey, TX
      My best friend is doing so well after her treatments,yet, I buried another good friend yesterday, pancreatic cancer , age 69.
    • Megan Frazier
      Seattle, WA
      I ran my first ever marathon while fundraising for the American Cancer Society in memory of my mom.
    • Tina Steele
      On August 10th, 2011, it will be 24 years since I had the cancer surgery that saved my life....thanks to Universal healthcare in the UK
    • Tina Steele
      On August 10th, 2011, it will be 24 years since I had the cancer surgery that saved my life....thanks to Universal healthcare in the UK
    • Tina Steele
      On August 10th, 2011, it will be 24 years since I had the cancer surgery that saved my life....thanks to Universal healthcare in the UK
    • Danielle O'Connell
      Elmsford, NY
      As a young mother of 2, Everyday is a milestone for me after being dianosed with lung caner.I want nothing more then to be here with my kids
    • Cherene Popp
      Cumming, GA
      My grandmother had a radical masectomy in July 1960, the same week I was born. She has had no reaccurance of cancer and is 102 years old.
    • Ralph Rose
      Little Rock, AR
      I completed a 100-mile bike ride June 5th in America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride around Lake Tahoe. I was diagnosed w/ Multiple Myeloma in 04
    • janice carter
      El Dorado Spring, MO
      I have had many cancer milestones since I am a 23 year cancer survivor. I have seen my children turn into adults and my grandchildren born
    • Renee Serkin
      Calabasas, CA
      I survived my Breast Cancer and I pray for the cure! So one day my daughter won't have to hear about the disease!
    • Renee Serkin
      Calabasas, CA
      I survived my Breast Cancer and I pray for the cure! So one day my daughter won't have to hear about the disease!
    • Robin Schrier
      Our first child graduated from High School. It was bittersweet because my mother couldn't be there. Her Breast Cancer metastasized in 2000.
    • Susan Waters
      Saline, MI
      I am a breast cancer survivor of nearly 33 years. I was only 28 years old when I was diagnosed. Please continue the fight against cancer.
    • Martha Padilla
      Chicago, IL
      when I did have melanoma in my ght leg american cancer society gave me hope
    • maureen todd
      Simi Valley, CA
      in 2007 found out i had breast cancer and in 2010 they found a tumor in my brain,I am still here and saw my daughters graduation in june
    • Mona Bedford
      Auburndale, FL
      Breast cancer- terrifying!!! HER positive tumor more terror. Have finished a year of intense chemo, surgery and radiaton, Survivor
    • Vivian Branham
      Worthington, OH
      This October will mark my 18th year as a breast cancer survivor. I am blessed to be here and enjoying life with my two beautiful kids.
    • Nancy Washko
      Salisbury, NC
      I got to see my daughter complete her first year of high school! Without her transplant and without my treatments that couldn't happen!
    • shannon reynolds
      Highland, MI
      Our family just found out that we have Lynch syndrome. A genetic like to cancer. Please help find a cure for us and our childrens future.
    • Patricia Looby
      Islip Terrace, NY
      Stage 4 Status and HER2+ cancer my survival looked bleak but with the targeted therapy Hereceptin avail 2 me I am approaching 2yrs stable
    • Lorraine Schwinn
      My father walked his granddaughter down the aisle at her wedding because he is a colon cancer survivor.
    • Kellie Butler
      Washington, DC
      My mother is now going on two since she was diagnose with cancer of the peritoneal. We are looking for a clinical trail for her type
    • Macy Trinh
      Brooklyn, NY
      I had my first son this past September. He will turn 1 in less than 2 months.
    • Sanford Jeames
      My mother celebrated her 84th birthday this year, following treatment for cancer. Continued research will give many others more birthdays.
    • Judy Ghormley
      Marietta, GA
      My husband is a 5-year + survivor of cancer of unknown primary origin, previously uncurable. Thank you for funding research!
    • Mary West
      Marietta, GA
      I celebrate my 10th anniversary as a breast cancer survivor in 2011. Cancer research has helped to save my life.
    • Martha Ellison
      Bailey Switch, KY
      Survivor of 11 years, productive citizen for 32 plus years and counting.
    • David Rule
      Countryside, KS
      In the year 2011 I celebrate 33 and 13 years of survival. I have been blessed with the opportunity to raise my 3 children.
    • Jennifer King
      Timberlake, VA
      My daughter was less age 2 when I was diagnosed. I'll see her graduate and have been here to see my grandson (my son's child).
    • Linda Weber
      Stevensville, MI
      Anxiously awaiting the birth of our 4th grandchild. At diagnosis 18 yrs. ago wasn't sure I would see my children graduate from high school
    • Mary McQuaid
      cancer survivor three times, a wife and mother, a nurse, an aunt, a sister and still here, actively working and enjoying life!
    • Patricia Knowlton
      Tampa, FL
      Celebrating my 6th birthday after diagnosis of aggressive breast cancer. Funding for a new drug, Herceptin, helped me do this!
    • Karen Gregory
      Bethpage, NY
      I have been able to witness my 4 children grow into magnificent young adults and enjoy time with them and my husband. Diagnosed - 1999
    • Rebecca Samara
      My son graduated from HS and is going on to College at Northeastern and I got to be there!!! Healthy and Strong!!
    • Cindy Antolik
      Andice, TX
      My brother survived lung cancer two years ago. This year, he will walk his daughter down the aisle at her wedding.
    • Georgina Gardner
      Lillington, NC
      I was diagnosed with stage 2 cervical cancer last sept 2010 and being survived hope to visit my parents and siblings in the Philippines.
    • Liandra Medeiros
      I was diagnosed in 1992, w/ thyroid CA. In 2005, I established a NONVIOLENCE SOCIAL ENTERPRISE & advocate for other CA survivors.
    • Sally Tyra
      Grand Rapids, MI
      A senior graduating and heading to engineering school~
    • Doris Lewis
      Swatara, PA
      On June 30, 2011, I reached my 5 year mark being cancer free. Mammograms are a MUST!!!
    • Shannon Chancey
      Lakeland, FL
      My mom in law was diagnosed w/ stg 4 brain cancer.In operable & told she would only live 18 mths. Due to cancer research she is still here!
    • Marvin Schurgin
      Palm Desert, CA
      My wife - a lung cancer victim - was the cause of my anti-smoking crusade, now my personal Holy Grail.
    • Gerard T Dooney
      Locust Valley, NY
      It's Congress so important to double cancer research funding because PEOPLE are DYING. It's very obvious.
    • Wayne Van Every
      Mission Viejo, CA
      In 2009 my wife was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer and had surgery to remove her thyroid. Cancer research funding is important.
    • Edward Van Every
      Mission Viejo, CA
      Cancer Research is important to help eliminate this terrible disease that takes too many lives.
    • Christine Griffiths
      Mill Creek, WA
      This year I celebrated my 4-1/2 year mark in Breast Cancer remission. Please fund additional research so I can continue to have birthdays.
    • Kelly Livergood
      Clearfield, PA
      I am a 17 month breast cancer survivor. I recently attended my youngest son's wedding! I want to be around for my grandchildren!
    • Mary Fivecoat
      New Port Richey, FL
      July 13, 2011 was the 20th anniversary of the day that my mother, and best friend lost her life to esophageal cancer.
    • James Enoch
      Rustburg, VA
      I have pushed even harder to help ACS CAN and Relay For Life
    • Libby Mongue-Wymore
      Medical Springs, OR
      I celebrated my 10th year of remission from lymphoma!
    • J A
      Emerald, PA
      Stage IV cancer survivor, who was given a negative 50% chance of survival,8/18 will be 18 yrs cancer free! Yeah, keep the funding coming!!
    • Kim Williams
      Eagle Creek, IN
      My Uncle is able to celebrate another year of his birthday because of drug trial research that saved his life from prostate and bone cancer.
    • Roberta Smith
      Houghton Lake, MI
      Have been battling cancer since 2004. 2008 was dianosed with bone cancer. Need to find cure to knock this out.
    • Dulcy Murchison
      Kissimmee, FL
      I have watched my 31 year old daughter Kelley win the battle over ovarian cancer. She is my Hero!
    • Shawna Bradley
      I am a breast cancer survivor and just knowing that i am still in remission is the greatest milestone, it 's 5yrs since being diagnosed
    • Terra Borris
      Independence, OR
      My niece celebrated her 6th birthday after being diagnosed at 6 months with a Wilms Tumor, in 2005. More research dollars are needed.
    • Kate Chipman
      This year I celebrate 16 years cancer FREE!!! I also have two beautiful children the doctors never thought I could have, one 5, one 6 month
    • Sharon Cronin
      Standish, MI
      I have been dealing with Bladder & Kidney Cancer for 14 years - - would love to hear those wonderful words - - You are cancer free - -
    • Kathy Leech McKinney
      San Marcos, CA
      I have done community volunteer work since being a VISTA Volunteer in 1970...over 40 years of giving back! I volunteer for 5 organizations.
    • Jane Winegardner
      Norman, OK
      I had breast cancer in 1998. I had treatment, continued my career,have traveled around the world, and have 9 grandchildren.
    • Charlene Levesque
      Portland, OR
      Cancer research saved me twice. Fund the research on breath analysis!
    • Cheryl Brown
      Northglenn, CO
      My Ovarian Cancer was detected at IC, this is not common and should be. It is the deadliest Gynecological cancers. A definitive test NOW!
    • Harriette Kelly
      Shadyside, OH
      4 years and 10 months survival with Inflammatory breast cancer. Expected to be dead at 18 months. Thanks!
    • Brenda Douglass
      Lake City, FL
      Although we lost my mom a few weeks ago, she made it 4-1/2 yrs after being diagnosed w/lung cancer. Thanks to ACS help w/funding, she won!
    • Sharon Greene-Golden
      Newport News, VA
      Breast cancer surgery and treatment has allowed me to have seven more birthdays to serve the poor and needy of Bangladesh on mission trips.
    • Barry Martz
      Gettysburg, PA
      After 3 major surgeries and numerous chemo treatments including a NCI clinical trial, I have been cancer free for 5 years!
    • Nan Ralls
      Mission Viejo, CA
      Just celebrated 21 years of living with cancer: 5 major surgeries and going strong. Please continue to support cancer research.
    • Pam Moriarty
      Eden Prairie, MN
      Innovative cancer surgery and treatment meant that 2 years from diagnosis my husband is here to see his daughter graduate high school.
    • Pam Moriarty
      Eden Prairie, MN
      My wonderful husband is here to see his daughter graduate high school 2 yrs after innovative surgery and treatment.
    • Barbara Nickles
      Ponca City, OK
      To see my step-daughter beat cervical cancer & see her get healthy!
    • christopher mungle
      Los Banos, CA
      please help us make more brithday help us find a cure for cancer this is coming from a 9 years old that has lived with two people w/ cacncer
    • Ed Moriarty
      Eden Prairie, MN
      I am a 2 year survivor of tongue cancer. I was able to see my daughters High School graduation!
    • Cynthia Smallwood
      I got engaged two weeks ago and wasnt able to share it with my mother because I lost her to cancer Feb of 2010.
    • Steven Van Grouw
      Holland, MI
      I have lost my father, one brother, six cousins to cancer. I also have a sister and a sister-in-law who have had double mastectomies.
    • Judy Radebaugh
      Glen Arm, MD
      I have seen my 4 children married, and experienced the world anew thru the eyes of 6 grandchildren. 11 years of my new life Aug 3rd, 2011.
    • Gayle Garrett
      Roanoke Rapids, NC
      I am cancer free 5 yrs now! Others need hope that cancer research will continue and save more lives just like mine!
    • Christina Dimitriou
      Castine, OH
      Today I am 27 years cancer free! I am now fighting the fight to find a cure for my mom and aunt who are currently fighting cancer.
    • Cathy Riley
      Bolingbrook, IL
      I was blessed with 16 years with my daughter, Amanda, because of the research and trials done for cancer. She would have died at 6.
    • Cynthia Fauth
      Bile duct cancer - rare and typically deadly within 6 months. My husband is a healthy 2 year survivor due to research & great care.
    • Cynthia Fauth
      Bile duct cancer - rare and typically deadly within 6 months. My husband is a healthy 2 year survivor due to research & great care.
    • Frances Koons
      Napavine, WA
      In april I was a 9 year survivor of breast cancer. My cancer had spread so I am grateful for the advances in treatment .
    • Justin Cummmins
      Fort Worth, TX
      Justin celebrated his 11th birthday and 6 yrs off Chemo after a two year battle with T-Cell A.L.L.
    • Alfred Maree
      Sycamore, OH
      March 2012, when my wife Ann would have reached 8 years in her battle against breast cancer. Unfortunately it took her life 7/1/11.
    • Jerry Pechin
      Evans, WA
      My grandmother was a breast cancer survivor and 3 years ago my brother was diagnosed with prostrate cancer. Research saves lives.
    • Jeannie West
      El Centro, CA
      I am an 18 yr Survivor! Funding and Research are making it possible for me to see my youngest daughter married on 8/13/2011. Don't reduce $
    • Roy Malcom
      Wichita, KS
      Both of my grandfathers died from cancer!
    • Joshua Larsen
      Waterloo, IA
      My grandmother lived long enough to see me graduate from college & to see her first great-grandchild
    • shealah turner
      Randleman, NC
      I help raise money for cancer at the school I work at every year for the last 9 years.
    • Charles Henderson
      Comstock Park, MI
      Prostate Cancer at 45 with 6 mos. prognosis. Nine years later graduating with a Master's Social Social Work cancer -free.
    • Elizabeth Turpin
      Danville, VA
      I had a rare type of Ovarian Cancer. I need research to find the cure. I'm cancer free Thanks to God. I go to Duke Univ. NC
    • Les Stanley
      Galloway, OH
      My wife is 12 years out from breast cancer surgery/Chemo. I am 7 years out from prostate seeding. Both of us are asymptomatic.
    • Jamie Thrush
      Hazen, PA
      I have a 2nd cancer from radiation for the 1st cancer.Not enough is known about this. I want more birthdays, 1 coming up in September.
    • Debbie Tucker
      In memory of my husband and in the hope of a cure before my children can be stricken down, I pray for that cure.
    • Lyndsey Furry
      New Augusta, IN
      I married my caregiver five years after I was declared cancer-free!
    • Beverly Davis
      Elkton, MD
      My husband was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2007 and we celebrate our milestone everyday.
    • Donna Dettman
      Batavia, IL
      I hope to celebrate my 10-year breast cancer suvivorship 2 months after the 10-year anniversary of 9/11.
    • suzanne hirsch
      New City, NY
      I did three marathons in 2010, plan to do a few in 2011 and my granddaughter is starting Relay for Life in June 2012 at the Commack HS
    • Darla Edwards
      Shandaken, NY
      My dad passed away April 3, 2002 from Liver Cancer. I would like to see something happen. We need to fight the fight against cancer.
    • Alicia Chambers
      Los Angeles, CA
      MORE cancer research/treatment options = more time i would've had with my dad. now he is gone forever.
    • Becky Novak
      Michigan City, IN
      20 years ago my youngest sister was diagnosed with cancer & 7 weeks later died leaving behind a 5 month old. I was diagnosed on 4/20/2010 & now considered cancer free. Every b-day
    • Pat Stone
      La Pine, OR
      In May we took our son to a Survivor clinic to learn facts concerning our son’s side affects from the 3y 3m of chemo he had received.
    • Donna Simpson
      Ogden, UT
      I lost my husband to esophogeal cancer at 50 years of age, on april 25th I was diagnosed with cancer my birthday is Aug 31st as a Survivor.
    • Angela Walton
      Newport Beach, CA
      I lost 13 pounds by walking 4 to 6 times a wek.
    • Laura Badenell
      Orcutt, CA
      Today my oldest son received his drivers license and I watched him drive away for the first time in his own truck.
    • Joan Joan Joan Chiaramonte Landes
      My brother has celebrated 14 years of cancer free birthdays due to research. He is fighting again to have more birthdays,we need to succeed
    • Alexandra McIntyre
      Oak Grove, OR
      I have been to Relay for Life 4 years in a row.
    • Diana Brunswig-Bosso
      Arnold, MO
      Cancer free for 13 years.I saw my son graduate from college, get married ahd have 3 children of his own.
    • Randall Padgett
      Lafayette, AL
      Sept. 13 2011 I will be Cancer free 5 years. Diagnosed Chondra Sarcoma Aug. 30 2006.
    • Theresa Frank
      Lindenhurst, NY
      March 2011 I will be a 16 year Breast Cancer Survivor.
    • Wendy Ford
      Marengo, OH
      Our team raised $33,500 at one event to continue the fight against cancer. Our team total for the past year was $70,000. FIGHT BACK!!
    • Karen Laumb
      Saint Louis Park, MN
      I am a young cancer survivor. I am so thankful for scientific research and funding for cancer. It saved my life. Every day is a milestone.
    • Michaelene Miles
      Lodi, CA
      I have 2 milestones - 5 year anniversary of recovery from bilateral breast cancer, June '09; & 5 year anniversary of colon cancer, Aug '14.
    • Susan Sentman
      Manassas, VA
      4 time survivior, since 1994. I have seen high school, collage graduations, a wedding and soon to be 3 grandchildren!I am blessed!
    • Blaise Nutter
      Washington, DC
      My grandmother just got diagnosed with breast cancer. My milestone is finishing that cookbook I always promised to make her.
    • Deborah Jones
      I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2008 and I have 3 daughters who I worry about so dont stop the support we need a cure
    • bob buck
      Dodgeville, WI
      I had prostate cancer in 2001 and have been cancer free since then.
    • Nancy Millet
      Etiwanda, CA
      My son just celebrated his 34th birthday, almost 4 years since his diagnosis when they didn't expect him to live 2 years.
    • joan grant
      Mount Dora, FL
      I'm a survivor. I head C's For Cancer,crafts,concerts cruises,cancer survival dinner. our money goes to relay. all volunteers
    • Rosalie curran
      Hesperia, CA
      My brother has stage 4 colon cancer Please continue research so people have a chance to live their life
    • Ricardo U. Berg
      Los Angeles, CA
      I have had a few family members die of cancer and we must make cancer research and cures a top priority.
    • Audra Holowesko
      Estero, FL
      My milestone is celebrating my 7 year anniversary of my bone marrow transplant last month.
    • Scott Smith
      Springfield, MO
      I am cancer free for two years now. Cancer research is essential and will bring health costs down. Do the right thing.
    • sally browning
      Monongahela, PA
      I am a 27 year cancer survivor having had cancer 4 times.My 44 year old daughter just finished 12 chemo treatments for Stage 4 colon cancer.
    • michaela orton
      Swan Lake, MT
      My father-in-law (age 67), is dying from stage four bone cancer that began as prostate cancer caused by tainted dairy farms near Hanford WA.
    • Brittany Avin
      Greenville, NC
      I was diagnosed with cancer before high school. I'm now cancer free, graduated high school, and heading to college this fall.
    • mary lou bear
      Palmyra, PA
      8 years since 1st lung (left) cancer diagnosis/treatment February 2003. 8 years this week since 2nd lung (right) cancer operation/treatment
    • Diane Q Hicks
      Sarasota, FL
      I reached five years Cancer free after Breast Cancer. I have an Aunt and a dear friend who are not so blessed and batttle f still.
    • Rene Hicks
      Vallejo, CA
      8-8-11 is my 10th anniversary of lung cancer surgery & partial lung removal. A nonsmoker, who got cancer, due to 2ndhand smoke exposure.
    • Carolyn Williams
      Wildcat, WV
      On Dec. 17, 1993, I was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer. Seventeen years later I can say I MADE IT!
    • Robert Williams
      Jamestown, NY
      I have spent 15 years driving patients to treatments & I look for the day they can cure CANCER so they will not have to travel forHELP
    • Frances McMillen
      Alexandria, VA
      My nephew has had a big year: he finished three years of treatment for Leukemia; turned five; and starts kindergarten this fall.
    • Marilyn Wattman-Feldman
      Oviedo, FL
      On August 9, 2011 I celebrated my 59th birthday. I was 48 when diagnosed. Many birthdays celebrated .. many more to come!
    • Brenda Turner
      T Ville, KY
      I volunteer to advocate for research funding so that my nephews don't die of cancer like their parents both did in 2001
    • Susan Hendricks
      Alva, OK
      After ten years of being cancer free, I am blessed to announce that I am a grandma, Yaya, to two sets of twins. 10 year olds & 5 month olds!
    • Aimee Kass
      New York, NY
      My mother died of colon cancer in 1982 and suffered for 6 years as it metasizied. I am greatful for the research ACS has done to help others
    • Aimee Kass
      New York, NY
      My Father had Prostate cancer a few years ago and if it weren't for the phenomenal doctors and reseach pushed by the ACS he might not be her
    • Nick Dondlinger
      Manitowoc, WI
      In November of 2011, I will have reached my 5 year anniversary of being cancer free. It couldn't have happened without cancer research!
    • eileen feldman
      Miller Place, NY
      This August 25th would have been my husband's birthday. He died in 2010 . He had esophageal cancer. Research is a must to fight cancer
    • Marti Brooks
      Flushing, MI
      I had stage 4 breast cancer. I had a stem cell transplant . I would not be here today if it weren't for research to find this cure.
    • Brenda Yerby
      Albright, WV
      January 26, 2011 was 10 years from the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer I celebrate that day and I will continue to do so.
    • Kara Yarnot
      Sterling, VA
      Two and a half years after my cancer diagnosis, I took the trip of a lifetime to Africa.
    • Lynn Rearden
      Edgefield, SC
      I am a 2 time cancer SURVIVOR! 14 years for ovarian cancer and 1 year for breast cancer... Because of research I am HERE!
    • Tami Kelder
      Lexington, KY
      Celebrated my mother's 86th birthday with her , three years after her cancer diagnosis. Helped both parents celebrate their 60th Anniversary
    • Donna M Faria
      Pahoa, HI
      June 19, 2011 was my 5th anniversary of being a cancer survivor of Multiple Myeloma. August 15th is 80 days post stem cell transplant.
    • Laurie Murphy
      Fresno, CA
      My husband celebrated his 64th birthday 3 years after being diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. Thank you Cancer Research!!!
    • Lisa Welton
      Decatur, IL
      I celebrated my 23 yr of survivorship @ Relay for Life with my 3yo granddaughter who was celebrating her 2nd year of survivorship!
    • Marilyn Wise
      Fremont, NE
      Sept 10th marks my 10 year anniversary as a cancer survivor; also 10 years since my sister's cancer death...this needs to stop!
    • Judy schedlbauer
      Voorheesville, NY
      celebrating my 20th year as a breast cancer survivor this year!!! Life is good!!!
    • Casey Pereira
      Thanks to cancer research, I was able to celebrate 5 years cancer free with all my friends and family!
    • Sherwood Kingsley
      Culver City, CA
      I have celebrated 17 birthdays since my initial diagnosis
    • Wayne Peluso
      Latrobe, PA
      Celebrating 17 wonderful years of marriage with my wife who is a 15 year breast cancer survivor.
    • ruben gonzalez
      Fullerton, CA
      attended a luncheon of 18 road to recovery drivers who help Orange County cancer survivors get to their treatments.
    • Sally Pike
      Saint Joseph, MO
      Hubby (2x survivor) got a "perfect" from oncologist last week. Colonscopy every 2 years instead of yearly; CT yearly not every 6 mos!
    • Penny Feddick
      Tucson, AZ
      This year I celebrate 10 years of survivorship with an incurable cancer. I was told I would die within a year.
    • Mary Mondor
      Auburn, IN
      Research helped my son beat Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2002. Now he is cancer free! more research is needed.
    • Sara Stigler
      Groesbeck, OH
      This is the first year after my Grandmother's breast cancer recovery that she will be able to walk along side me in the Making Strides Walk!
    • Mary Rebecca Mcclenney
      Havelock, NC
      The chance to spend more time with a wonderful teacher, who was able to visit the states this summer from the Dodea school system in Japan.
    • Mary Rebecca Mcclenney
      Havelock, NC
      A dear friend is still alive for now b/c of the advances. But she is a mother of 3 boys and it would be nice to see her completely recover!
    • Megan Frazier
      Seattle, WA
      I ran my first ever marathon while fundraising for the American Cancer Society in memory of my mom.
    • Bonnie Carpenter
      Snohomish, WA
      I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004. In 2009 I was cancer free. This fall I will be able to attend my daughter's wedding.
    • Lisa Manca
      Yonkers, NY
      I'm a Breast Cancer survivor! I've had two surgeries, lumpectomy/double masectomy chemotherapy and herceptin We need more funding Please!!
    • Terri Chilcote
      My dad will be attending my sons(his first grandchild to be wed formally) wedding in September, after battling stage 4 Non Hodgkins Lymphoma
    • Cheryl Petersen
      Muskego, WI
      Despite kidney failure and a rare neurologic dz, my husband is well at his three year anniversary due to the research work of Dr. Einhorn.
    • Jean Cox
      Cody, WY
      I have survived 25 years since my first cancer diagnosis. ..... Because of regular check ups and mammograms. Jean cox cody,wyo.
    • Brenda McGrane
      Elma, IA
      My dad just celebrated his 70th birthday! :) He has been fighting stage 4 esophageal cancer the past 4 years...never give up hope!
    • Shirley Cruze
      Knoxville, TN
      I have just celebrate my 59th Birthday,because of early cancer screenings because my only sister died at the age of 53 of cancer.
    • Ann Jacobs
      Laramie, WY
      I'm one of the lucky survivors of skin cancer. My cousin Diane wasn't so lucky. She died horribly from a rare skin cancer on 12/9/10.
    • Arlene Rollin
      Westlake Village, CA
      Since 2009 Stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis:2 grandsons Bar Mitzvahs, grandson born, 70th birthday,50th anniversary,granddaughter Bat Mitzvah
    • Barbara Miles
      Losing my husband to cancer last year was devasting to me as well as to my daughter and son. Joining ASCAN helps me feel important.
    • roberta stutes
      Canton, IL
      I have great faith that my cousin Connie will live to see her daughter Brittney married on Sept. 4 and her first grandchild born in Oct.
    • Anne Hartwick
      Whitewater, WI
      I lost 20 pounds in 2 years to reduce my cancer risk and other diseases. Keep funding cancer research so we can eradicate this disease!
    • April Nally
      Lake Harmony, PA
      11 years cancer free - August 2011 Breast cancer and my mother is a 30 year Breast cancer survivor!
    • Siobhan Bernard
      Stafford, VA
      My brother gave blood for my grandmother.
    • Victoria Crowe
      Nokomis, FL
      I am a 21 and 6 year survivor. My special moments come every day because I lived. I want to say that about all of others, too - and SOON!!!
    • Ellen Stephenson
      Casselberry, FL
      Thanks to research I'm LIVING with an aggressive form of breast cancer. When diagnosed in 2003, I was told I'd be lucky to live 3 years!
    • Michelle Burns
      Each year at Relay we see our survivors return and new survivors. This means so much to everyone one of our Relayers!
    • Jennifer Davenport
      Rossville, OH
      My Milestone is being able to be here for my sons 7th Birthday & my other sons 11th birthday.
    • Sue Ward
      Shorewood, IL
      Celebrated my 40th birthday and my 10th year being cancer free this summer! Whoo hoo!
    • Barbara Schell
      Winchester, VA
      I will have survived Triple Negative Breast Cancer for 2 years at the end of October. This is a wonderful accomplishment!
    • Donna brulotte
      i am near the end of my journey for cancer treatment. eleven more radiation left. yes we count everyone of them. Hope is what we have.
    • Judy Bryant
      Broaddus, WV
      My husband is currently fighting for his life. He has been diagnosed with gliobastoma (brain tumor). More research!
    • Linda Wilscam
      Last year, my mother celebrated 30 years of survival after surgery for breast cancer.
    • Jennifer Kelley
      Chelsea, MI
      I walked 20 miles at our Relay for Life with my daughter. I have a stage IV diagnosis but will keep on walking as long and as far as I can!
    • fatelin guy
      September 6, 20011 marks the approaching 4-year anniversary since my breast cancer diagnosis. Lumpectomy clean without lymph node activity
    • Lisa Erter
      Independence, MO
      As of August 2011, I am now a FIVE-YEAR DOUBLE-Cancer survivor ! ! !
    • Vivienne White
      Port Huron, MI
      I obtained my goal this March as a 50 breast cancer survivor, a lofty goal I never believed I would attain. There is always hope!
    • Beth Trierweiler
      Coon Rapids, MN
      I have been cancer free for 18 months and will be doing my second Making Strides Against Breast Cancer this year!!!!!!
    • Janet Ulmer
      Cogan Station, PA
      I'm celebrating three years cancer-free after two stem cell transplants - a treatment regimen only made possible through research
    • fatelin guy
      Sept. 6, 2011 marks the 4-yr. anniversary since my breast cancer diagnosis; lumpectomy surgery showed no signs of lymph node activity.
    • Pat Guziak
      Ortonville, MI
      My milestone is my aunt reaching her 5 year remission from colon cancer. Without ACS research this just wouldn't be possible. Thank you ACS
    • Pat Guziak
      Ortonville, MI
      My milestone is my aunt reaching her 5 year remission from colon cancer. Without ACS research this just wouldn't be possible. Thank you ACS
    • Deb Myers
      Tega Cay, SC
      I have 2 sisters who survived breast cancer. I attribute this to years of dedicated research.
    • Ann LeGere
      Lakewood, CO
      I ran the Seattle and Denver Rock 'n Roll half marathons in 2010. I'm training for another half and hope to run my first marathon in 2012.
    • Barbara Schneider
      New York, NY
      I had a few friends that died from cancers and a few that are survivors
    • Jim Dunn
      On August 16, 2011, I celebrated the fourth anniversary of the completion of my treatment for stage 4 throat cancer.
    • Margaret Austria
      Iam a second time breast cancer survivor.
    • Katie Pedersen
      Portage, MI
      This month marks 10 years since my battle with cancer, at 26 ten years seems like just yesterday, but because of CAN I will see tommorrow!
    • Annette Dupuis
      Hessmer, LA
      Thanks to early screening I am making memories instead of being a memory!
    • Vicki Olsen
      Pearl City, IL
      Diagnosed 2001, I am so grateful that I was able to see my daughter marry in 2008 and be there for the birth of my first grandson in 2011!
    • Janis Simonian
      I have not really reached any milestone other then I always find the money to continue to donate towards this oh so worthy cause.
    • Jackie Ball
      Holland, MI
      Our 40th wedding anniversary Aug. 21. I made it after having breast cancer in 96. Looking forward to #50 in 2021!
    • Linda Stewart
      Blawnox, PA
      I have reached my third year in remission with breast cancer in March of this year.
    • Danielle Edgar
      Those that have yet to be met, that my Father will not be here to see bc of Cancer. My wedding Day. My first born child, and so many others.
    • Colleen Siomos
      Naperville, IL
      Hi, My MILE STONE occurs every day that I have survived this devastating disease that takes the lives of so many.Ten years this December.
    • Ricki Lubov
      Forest Hills, NY
      I am a breast cancer survivor--it's 11 years now. Not everyone is so lucky. Closest friend lost 30 year old daughter to melanoma 7 yrs. ago
    • Amy Mumm
      Channahon, IL
      I celebrated 5 years cancer free. Diagnosed in 2006, I was given a little over 40 % chance of this celebration. Research is why I made it!
    • Tina Wirtz
      Topeka, KS
      I have completed a half marathon and a full marathon. I have marked off 6 bucket list items, including going to Austrailia, seeing Oprah et
    • Donna Klosterman
      Waupun, WI
      In 1970 I had ovarian cancer. We adopted two children & have two grandkids. I have lived a wonderful life, 41 yrs cancer free!
    • Jen Kerner
      Maryland Heights, MO
      Thanks to early detection and quick treatment, my uncle is three years cancer-free as of August 2011.
    • Vivienne White
      Port Huron, MI
      My goal was to be a 50 year breast cancer survivor,a goal I attained in March of this year.A lofty goal, but attainable.Their is always hope
    • Susan Long
      Bailey, MI
      Since I was told "You have cancer" I have lived 10 years and have grown. Worked hard to help others. There is more to do. PLEASE help.
    • Janet Smith
      Bloomfield Towns, MI
      I am still alive and today, like yesterday, I am cancer free!
    • Donna Owens
      Jackson, GA
      Thanks to drugs like Tamoxifen I have not had a recurrance of my breast cancer diagnosed in 1999. Research into new drugs is so important.
    • Robert Allard
      San Jose, CA
      At the age of 38 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer on a fluke. I am now 3 years post prostate removal.
    • Brandi Grimes
      Meadows Village, FL
      On Oct. 3, 2011 I will be 3 years cancer-free.
    • Jennifer Lingo
      Punta Gorda, FL
      7 years healthy since my last treatment for Hodgkin's Lymphoma at UCSF, I had a stem-cell bone marrow transplant (my own stem cells).
    • Carla Kearin
      Milpitas, CA
      Since the loss of my best Friend, my big Brother and my Father, I have been fortunate enough to raise more than $25,000 in this fight
    • Mary Kay Verhoff
      Columbus Grove, OH
      23 years ago today, my dad died of colon cancer. Since then, detection and treatment have improved immensely so others don't have to die!
    • Julia Vogel
      Mc Knight, PA
      Every day is a milestone for me, I was diagnosed 25 years ago with a malignant brain tumor. I was not expected to live as long as I have.
    • Paul Bartell
      My Mother-in-Law Sandra is a 4 time Cancer Survivor thanks to the ACS. The Cyber Knife treatment resulted from the funding supplied to them.
    • Kelly Lenz
      Powell, TN
      Our little community has raised over a million dollars in 10 years for Relay For Life to raise money for cancer research and other programs!
    • Matt Sherer
      Tallahassee, FL
      My father (cancer survivor) was able to see both of my daughters born and attend high school. He is a 19 year survivor.
    • Catherine Hugues
      Oklahoma City, OK
      Germ Cell Teratoma of the mediastinum w/2 reoccurances, but I lived to tell that tale & now 3yrs cancer free and a solo ice dancer!
    • Abby Ronnebeck
      Des Moines, WA
      We were able to celebrate my Mom's last birthday together this year after her two year fight with lung cancer. TWO YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Dawn Berner
      Coplay, PA
      I lost my youngest son Ryan in 2002 to cancer, he was only 8yrs old
    • patricia Lutes
      Hummelstown, PA
      I reached my 65th birthday , 8 1/2 year survivor of lung cancer, thanks to cancer research. PLEASE DOUBLE THE FUNDS SO MORE MAY LIVE.
    • Karen Little
      Midlothian, VA
      Since treatment I have become a grandmother,got married again,moved into my dream house, have poultry and a pot bellied pig.Am happy again.
    • jeffrey blatnick
      Ballston Lake, NY
      I had cancer in 1982. I have been cancer free for over 25 years. I won Gold in 1984 and now have a family. Research and treatment work!
    • Judy Seymore
      Cedar Creek, TX
      I would like to see all public places totally smoke free! I have lost too many loved ones to smoking related cancer and illnesses.
    • Arlene Olsen
      West Worthington, OH
      I am celebrating 17 years cancer free this year. My daughter just had a bi-lateral mastectomy and was diagnosed as cancer free!
    • Russell Dean Lynch
      Kenneth City, FL
      Breast Cancer (Maggie Lynch) Mom 2007-2011 SURVIVOR Tere'sa Lynch & R.Dean Lynch II ( Leukemia ) Died 1990 (Wife & Son)
    • Mireille Hundric
      Upland, CA
      1 in 3 women will get cancer in thier life. I have 3 daughters, they are my world, I can't imagine losing them to this disease.
    • Lisa Elkins
      Julian, CA
      Caring for terminally ill children
    • Kandace Hill
      As we sat in the room silently weeping I watched my mom place her hand on his heart. He had battled cancer bravely for six years and his body was finally giving in. I watched thr
    • Chrissy Powell
      Carlyle, KS
      I was able to walk in my local Relay For Life with a survivor of breast cancer. Who today is still active and riding her bike 10 miles.
    • Jilana Dellal
      My Milestone will be 5 years Cancer Free. I was diagosed with Breast Cancer on September 28, 2006. I have one more clear mammogram to go!
    • Douglas Philp
      Port Jefferson S, NY
      This November will be my 10th years as cancer free.I found out about my cancer on the night of Sept.10,2001, then 9/11/11.
    • Kim Roberts
      I have seen my daughter graduate high school and complete her first year in college!
    • Renee Folk
      Hughesville, PA
      I will be celebrating 5 years being cancer free in a couple of weeks!
    • Judy Helm
      Bavaria, KS
      Too many family members are absent from our family gatherings....mother, sister-in-law, and more. Please increase funding!!
    • Melanie Vliet
      La Mirada, CA
      I've witnessed all five of my son's graduations since my first cancer diagnosis when he was nine! I cried when he got his JD in May 2011.
    • Maria Lamas
      Hialeah, FL
      I am a 21+ years breast cancer survivor. In 2003, the cancer metastasized to the lung. Herceptin became a lifesaver. Now i am 7 years NED.
    • Cheryl Chagnon
      I have had cancer since 1998. My youngest son was 2 weeks shy of his first birthday. Today I am preparing for a stem-cell transplant
    • Kathleen Kurrle
      River Forest, IL
      Stage IV breast cancer 2 1/2 years ago age 37. Summer 2011 went to Disney with my husband and our 3young kids. Still getting treatment!
    • Tina Helms
      Oshkosh, WI
      My mom celebrated being cancer free for 10 yrs. We had a party, the grandkids made her cards. This would never have happened w/o reasearch.
    • Grace Ryan
      Hampton Bays, NY
      Amanda Sardone has reached her ninth birthday. She is battling A.L.L. (cancer) for the SECOND time. Poor baby!
    • Martha Allen
      Saint Charles, MO
      After only 7 months; I am on my first reoccurrence of Ovarian Cancer. I recently understand that some cancer drugs are in short supply.
    • Rick Drummer
      Rochester Hills, MI
      I am still cancer free from my two bouts with cancer, thanks to all the prior research on possible cures.
    • Jennifer Beard
      Allen, TX
      My father's cancer had metastasized at his diagnosis in 2007. He is still fighting it, and is about to enter the 1.8% 5-year survival rate!
    • Maureen O'Toole
      East White Plain, NY
      Anna lived 5 years longer due to emerging treatments made available through ASC, now her daughter knows who her mom was.
    • Nancy Agronin
      San Carlos, CA
      16th year of surviving micrometatsis breast cancer thanks to clinical trials funded by the government. keep it up congress. thanks.
    • Lara Beilby
      Santa Ana, CA
      In 2010 Karl, at work, pulled me aside, said I was one of the bravest people he knew. I had chemo for Ovarian cancer at that time
    • Alicia Salkowski
      Clinton Township, MI
      I have dedicated 12 years to cancer research and plan to continue my mission!
    • Tonya Bellati
      Fremont, CA
      My daughter was 8 years old with I was told I had cancer. Now she is in the 8th grade. I'm still fighting to see her graduate.
    • Sara Thornburgh
      Roseville, CA
      I am a cancer survivor of ALL,this year I have been a survivor for 30 yrs. due to chemo and radiation treatments.
    • Linda Thomas
      Elm Grove, WI
      August 18, 2010 was the 16th and last day of my chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer. As of last week this marks one year ccancer free!
    • Alice Goldman
      Gainesville, FL
      I am a 3 time cancer survivor, had immediate diagnosis and and surgery,no treatment. Thanks to U.F. Physicians and staff.
    • Donna Lefler
      Fairmont, NE
      I am a 15 year breast cancer survivor and feel it is very important that Congress continue to fund money for cancer research.
    • David Abebrese
      Woodbridge, VA
      I met with some college freshmen and took time to engage them to take action in fighting cancer and its effects.
    • Carol Poggemann
      Grafton, WI
      My grandma shared joy with me in gettting my first job out of college.
    • Donald DuPage
      Sacramento, CA
      I had a problem 10 years ago. they found a huge tumor lodged between my lung and liver. That was 10 years ago. Cancer research is great.
    • David Abebrese
      Woodbridge, VA
      I met with some college freshmen and took time to engage them to take action in fighting cancer and its effects
    • James Georges
      Skokie, IL
      Stay alive !
    • Candi Teachout
      Kentwood, MI
      I recently had a bi-lateral mastectomy after my second bout with breast cancer. Please provide more money for research to end this disease.
    • Leon Biesiadecki
      China Lake Nwc, CA
      My wife passed away July 8th when her breast cancer spread to her brain.
    • L. Jacoby
      Ithaca College, NY
      My daughter was diagnosed with a germ cell tumor at age 8. Last week, at 17, she started college as a freshman. Research leads to miracles!
    • Terri Roth
      Redfield, SD
      As my 40th birthday nears, I remember those I have lost to cancer. Increase cancer resarch funding, and help us celebrate more birthdays!
    • Diane Clark
      I am happy to be a 4 year, survivor but am sad that so many new cases of cancer are still be diagnosed. Let's beat the beast-dbl funding!
    • Patricia Quinn
      Lake Los Angeles, CA
      37 yr lymphoma survivor, only grandchild turns 18 in November; I'm still here!
    • Doug Bland
      Shreveport, LA
      Jason Bland Power the Cure Foundation to educate students about smokeless tobacco by Jennifer Bland.
    • Madolyn Hayne
      Clarksville, VA
      On. 9/11/2011 I will reach my 9th year as a Breast Cancer Survivor. Finding a cure will change the world.
    • Evette Lei Hedger
      La Mirada, CA
      Thanking God, my Doctors, Local Area Congress woman Linda Sanche for her continual fight for hope for people like me 7 years Hoping 4 more
    • Cynthia Wilson
      Killeen, TX
      This past July I celebrated being 2 years cancer free. I feel blessed everyday that I wake up and I'm able to be with my family.
    • Marcia Gainey
      Pensacola, FL
      This year on July 2, I celebrated my 21st year as a breast cancer survivor. I am alive today thanks to good doctors and treatment.
    • Judith Marlin
      Los Gatos, CA
      18 months cancer-free (as far as we can tell)!
    • Cheryl Bellman
      Bensalem, PA
      My cancer was caught in its early stages by an MRI because of my doctors persistance. It has been 7 years and I am doing great
    • Susan Mandel
      Columbia, SC
      I have reached the 3-year remission mark, all because there are drugs available to treat my cancer. I want to go longer!!!
    • monica meaux
      Kaplan, LA
      Four surgeries, five years, survivor for 10 years!!!!
    • Clarence Williamson
      Memphis, TN
      In my 13th year of being cancer free, I've returned to full-time work, enjoyed my family and watched grandchildren go off to college.
    • Donna Delehanty
      West Hazleton, PA
      I have completed my 13 year with Relay For Life and I chair the Survivorship. This year I have lost 10 people from last years Relay!
    • Susan Mandel
      Columbia, SC
      This year I reached the 3-year remission mark, all because there are drugs to treat my cancer. I want to go longer!!!
      Corona, CA
    • Jennifer Morris
      My mother is a thyroid cancer survivor. She has been able to see 8 grandchildren be born, and the weddings of both of her children.
    • Mary Hill
      Stony Creek, VA
      I have family members and friends who have succumb to this disease also survivals because of early detection, more medical research.
    • Claire Friedenberg
      Winston Salem, NC
      My brother turned 60 this year. He was diagnosed in 2007 with multiple myeloma. After 2 stem cell transplants, he is in remission.
    • Gail Woodcox
      Red Springs, NC
      My husband of 47 yrs. took all the treatments availabe for Prostrate cancer, then bone cancer. There were no choices, we can do better,
    • Craig Blouin
      A 10 yr prostate cancer survivor and a 7 yr bladder cancer survivor, last wk I finished 6th in my age group in a 5K race with 6000 entrants.
    • Lois Fitzpatrick
      Gearhart, OR
      Watching my daughters grow up
    • Lorri DiCandia
      Port Jefferson S, NY
      The adocates at ACS guided me when I was diagnosed and helped save my life, so that in 2008, I was able to help save my daughter's
    • Veronica Padilla
      Grover Beach, CA
      Thank god for cancer research.I was diagnosed with Cancer & didn't know what kind until it was sent out and researched!.I'm in remission 1y
    • Maria Peluso
      Latrobe, PA
      I am a 15 year cancer survivor and I am so blessed to be healthy and to be celebrating 17 years of marriage with my wonderful husband.
    • Amanda Brannon
      Eagle, AK
      We just celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer 3 years ago. I want to celebrate our 30th. Please
    • Rose Bemis
      Arlington, NY
      My sister is celebrating her 11th year as a breast cancer survivor. We do the Making Strides cancer walk every year since her diagnosis.
    • Beverly Hardy
      Evansville, IN
      After four years I had a mammogram which resulted in a cancerous milk duct. It was caught at stage 0, the test & surgery saved my life.
    • Cathy Dukes
      Georgia Southwes, GA
      I will be celebrating my birthday August 24th of this year after being diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2009.
    • douglas hendricks
      Spencer, IN
      i am an 8 year cancer survivor and i recently fulfilled a dream of mine i walked 1500th lap at our local relay for life
    • Allison Miller
      Baldwin, WI
      I have married a wonderful man we have traveled the world together.
    • Sue Schwimer
      I'm happy to be able to participate in fund raisers to help create an anti-cancer vaccine so my daughter won't have to worry about it.
    • Joan Dick
      Halesite, NY
      December, 2011 will mark 35 years as a breast cancer survivor. Every year is a milestone. I volunteer with Reach to Recovery to help other
    • Laura Hayes
      I am a breast cancer survivor since August 2002. I am so blessed that I just celebrated my 40th wedding anniversary. More milestones please!
    • Simone Salomon
      Sarasota, FL
      It's now 14 years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I try to support issues that have to do with this disease.
    • Amanda Gooding
      Hampton, SC
      Every single time I see my best friend's 8-year-old daughter smile I am thankful for the treatments that led to her beating leukemia.
    • Emily Wagner
      My friend Beckie is expecting 3 new grandchildren by the end of this year. She is dealing with several cancers along with bone marrow issue
    • joyce thomas
      Chenango Forks, NY
      Elma was a twin born at home in 1923. Her mom died of breast cancer at 52. Elma, a 26 yr. survivor, went Home on her 88th bday 7/27/11.
    • Glenna Allen
      Midway, WV
      my husband Jerry Allen suffered from lung cancer we watched him go through it all basically we watched him die noone should have to do this
    • Angela Sulio
      I am celebrating 4 years SURVIVORSHIP, yay!
    • Brent Crossman
      Charlotte, MI
      I helped raise over $11,000 for cancer research this year.
    • Carol Flanagan
      Chicago, IL
      As an Onc RN of 30 years, I am seeing pts reach these milestones that were inconceivable 30 years ago. Thanks to research and support!
    • Barbara Shelby
      Whittier, CA
      Aug 22, 1986 on my daughters 8th birthday I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her brothers were 6 and12 years old. Today I am a grandmother.
    • Mike McBreen
      Georgetown, TX
      I have Leukemia and was told three years ago. Happy to say I am in remission but have many side effects from the gleevec .
    • victoria mcspadden
      San Diego, CA
      I was diagnosed with stage 3 plus breast cancer in 2003 and almost died, we need better chemotherapy drugs. Keep research going!
    • Richard Matano
      There are still too many cases of loss in families due to cancer. More funding is needed at a federal level to help find a cure
    • Rebecca Sullins
      Tampa, FL
      My journey with cancer began at the age of 2. After an 18 year battle, I can proudly say that I've been cancer-free for 22 years!
    • James Mosteller
      My father-in-law, and both my sisters this year had tumors removed. Brain, Liver, and breast cancer all in one year.
    • Mike Wilt
      Ripley, WV
      August 19, 2011 was the 10th. Anniversary of our now 34 yr. old daughter being in remission from NHL Stage IV.
    • Lisa Hamburger
      San Francisco, CA
      Dec 20 will be my 4.5 year anniversary for being an ovarian cancer, stage 4 survivor, warrior, and happy life liver!!!
    • Raette Smith-Hearne
      Austin, TX
      My father, mother, uncle, aunt and cousin died from cancer. I am a 12 year survivor.eradicate cancer.
    • Gloria Lamont
      Karns City, PA
      i have survived Cancer twice and brain surgery and so thankful to be alive to share my experiences with others .Always put on a smile!!
    • Ruth Beavers
      West Monroe, LA
      Diagnosed 1964, Stage 4 Ovarian cancer....lived for family!! Now 2011.....live to work with Cancer Foundation.!!.
    • Hilde Fitzgerald
      Los Alamos, NM
      youngest graduated from high school; became a grandmother. 9 year survivor of stage 3 breast diagnosed at 44; mom passed at 64 from same
    • Patricia Barletta
      West Hazleton, PA
      My milestone is every year I'm cancer free. This past May was 7 years cancer free. I live for my family & grandchildren.
    • Melanie Vliet
      La Mirada, CA
      I've witnessed all five of my son's graduations since my first cancer diagnosis when he was nine! I cried this May when he got his JD.
    • Jennifer Nordstrom
      Las Vegas, NV
      I’m a breast cancer survivor celebrating my 43rd birthday! I was given Herceptin and have been cancer free for 6 years
    • Melanie Vliet
      La Mirada, CA
      I've witnessed all five of my son's graduations since my first cancer diagnosis when he was nine! I cried this May when he received his JD.
    • Jennie Veenstra
      Upland, CA
      I helped raise $236,000 in this year's Chino, Ca Relay for life.
    • Elena Miller
      Chula Vista, CA
      In 2006, I was diagnose with Hodgkin's Disease. Under went 6 months of chemo and I have been cancer free for 5 yrs (Aug 4th 2006)
    • Maureen Herris
      Vista, CA
      As an 11 year breast cancer survivor I am able to see my grandchildren grow and welcome grand babies!
    • Jeanne Lundahl
      Pacheco, CA
      I have survived cancer twice, my son is a cancer survivor, my daughter is now battling ovarian cancer. I lost my identical twin to cancer.
    • Gidget Kelsey
      Fernley, NV
      In July 2011, I reached my goal to have 40 or more ACS-CAN members as the Advocacy Chair for RFL Fernley NV. My goal for 2012 is 50!
    • margaret honda
      Waipahu, HI
      With more research I think we can conquer cancer. I am a 31 year survivor. I live more like a vegetarian.
    • Nancy Wong
      Elk Grove, CA
      Nancy Wong, Last year I was diagnoised with stage 3 aggressive her 2 cancer, I hads a full masectomy and I just want help too find a cure.
    • Joan Norman
      Fern Creek, KY
      I am a very grateful 24 year survivor of breast cancer and a 23 year Reach to Recovery volunteer. Thanks ACS!!
    • Susan Gibbs
      Yorkville, IL
      I have helped to raise funds for Cancer Research by running in two half marathons, 1 in 2010 and 1 in 2011.
    • Amy Kinker
      Adams, IN
      I work each day to make sure that those who no longer have a voice can still be heard. ACS CAN is my partner! Making a difference today!
    • Tracy Smith
      Cape Coral, FL
      After beating cancer three times and surviving a stem cell transplant in 2009, on October 17, 2011 I will earn my associates degree!
      Canton, GA
    • Cathy Heiraas
      Glyndon, MN
      Just seeing my sons grow up to be such wonderful young men, and now awaiting the birth of my first grandchild provides me with such joy.
    • Kerrie Schneider
      Huber Heights, OH
      This is the 2 yr anniversary of my little brothers death from Hodgkins Lymphoma.The funding is important so no family has to go through this
    • Kathleen Doyle
      Largo, FL
      @ of my sisters out of 8 of us had breast cancer. They are both in recovery which I praise God for. My dad died of Bone and Colon cancer.
    • Joan Barr
      Queens Village, NY
      I have survived 3 attacks over a 15 year period but praise God I am still around to help with the fight.
    • April Knight
      Cape Vincent, NY
      Our team raised almost $14,000 this year for the Watertown, NY Relay For Life thanks to our very dedicated team captain, who's a survivor.
    • Jenny DeBaca
      Ontario, CA
      Celebrating Twenty seven years of survivorship with 6 grandchildren, 1 great grandchild. Also survivor of ovarian and melanoma cancer.
    • Allison Smith
      I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 46 in 2/11. My milestone is that after a mastectomy, I am cancer free and am praying for no recurrence
    • Mitchell Black
      Stockton, CA
      I have learn to help others who may not know what to say when something is greater than them. But i had to fill what cancer was about first.
    • Sandy Paster
      Miami, FL
      I am a 3 and 1/2 year ovarian cancer survivor, again!
    • Lisa Wilson
      Brooklyn, NY
      My youngest daughter graudated from high school in June and I want to be sure that she never needs this research.
    • Tina Jaramillo
      Mc Millan, OK
      Now 2011, my friend 16 yrs old is dying from Osteosarcoma Cancer. Her future plans have come to a stop. Please help children grow up.
    • Brian Monaghan
      San Diego, CA
      13 years ago, I was suddenly told that I had melanoma with tumors in my brain and lymph nodes, was Stage 4 with only 3 to 6 months to live.
    • Gail Gresko
      Eagleville, PA
      Diagnosed in 2006 with breast cancer. I am a member of ACS-CAN, Reach for Volunteer. I believe in the power of the voice of survivors!
    • Jeffrey Nguyen
      Kew Gardens, NY
      Raise funding for cancer research so that no one will die like my father who died of lung cancer.
    • Monica Rodriguez
      Jamaica, NY
      My father, who is a survivor attended my son's 2011 pre-k graduation.
    • Beth Johnson
      Hartsville, SC
      Thanks to research my neighbor has been able to recieve the treatment she needs to prevent her cancer from returning.
    • joan swift
      Dallas, GA
      my best friend had gotten breast cancer it was one of my worst nightmares she had to go thru alot thank god she got thru it.
      Bolingbrook, IL
      In 1964 my mother died painfully of cervical cancer. In 2006 I was diagnosed with lung cancer. 42 years! Please help find a cure.
    • Denise Level
      Sacramento, KY
      One the most important person in my live was taken from this world because of lung cancer,my Dad. It time that we put a stop to Cancer!!!!!
    • Kathleen Sherman
      I celebrated my 5 years of survivorship! I am able to celebrate my 30th birthday in October!
    • Maria Cubero
      Tampa, FL
      I am a 5 year breast cancer survivor who will be walking down the isle with my fiancee on Nov 26,2011!!!
    • Michael Scheessele
      South Bend, IN
      20 year survivor in May. University professor for 10 years in August.
    • Anna S
      Kansas City, MO
      My college roommate has been able to get to know her newborn son- she should soon be cancer free and able to watch him grow up.
    • Kate McManus
      My mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer in October of 2010. Now she's in remission and biking 20 miles in Acadia National Park.
    • Colette Goodfellow
      Santa Fe, FL
      My daughter and I started our own team and we are walking in the ACS walk on October 22 in Gainesville FL~
    • janet ramirez
      Fresno, CA
      I have learned that many people go thru this things. I really know two of my best friends have struggled thru this but one keeps getting it.
    • T M
      Far Rockaway, NY
      Cancer research has allowed me to help other women get mammograms.
    • Louise Smoler
      Staten Island, NY
      Lost my father and husband to cancer in 2003. View my website: www.LouiseJoy.com I published a book in 2009 detailing our tragedy.
    • doug hendricks
      Spencer, IN
      i have been able to walk more all night in our local relay for life
    • Esther H. Donohoe
      Alamo, CA
      I am fighting cancer to see my grandsons graduate from college. That's 4 yrs from now, I'll be there.
    • Diane Johnson
      New Salisbury, IN
      My son ran the Carmel, Indiana marathon this summer in honor of my fight with breast cancer. I could not be prouder than at that finish line
    • Melissa Moradian
      Fresno, CA
      My grandmother reached her 82nd birthday thanks to preventive medicine and current mammogram technology. She is a HUGE part of my life!
    • Jennifer Varner
      Freeland, MI
      I still have my mom!
    • Mary Byrne
      Dunedin, FL
      I walk every year in Clearwater, Florida. My sons father who was active military died August 23,2006 of Colon Cancer.My son had cancer2006.
    • Lisa J Kerrville, TX
      Kerrville, TX
      At 38 I was told I probably would not be able to have children. My 9 year old son is healthy; I am 12 years cancer free.
    • Krissy Feldkamp
      Newtown, OH
      My father-in-law is cancer free due to treatment and about to celebrate our son's 4th bday! More research is needed for better treatments!
    • karen Flores
      Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 at age 43.Diagnosed with colon cancer in 2007 at age 47. I want to live. Please continue Research!!!
    • April Brown
      Richmond Hill, NY
      This year I am training for my 2nd marathon and will be running it in November!
    • Brooke Fucile
      Olathe, KS
      Dad has fought cancer to see his granddaughter be born and to walk me down the isle
    • William Griffin
      Easton, CA
      As a 6 year gastric cancer survivor, everyday is a milestone. Please continue cancer research.
    • Ruth Puglise
      I'm a cancer survivor. I've seen 2 of my children enter school. My baby who was 2months when I was diagnosed is now 3. I'm glad to be here!
    • Josephine Seals
      New Lexington, OH
      Cancer,the word that terrified me when the doctor informed us that my husband prosate cancer.We beat this for 6 years .
    • Kelly Thomas
      Boca Raton, FL
      Dec. 2007 married for the 1st time at age 39; Jan. 2009 diagnosed w/ lung cancer at 40 (non-smoker). Prioritize research for all affected!
    • Jae Shin
      New York, NY
      My mother passed away from cancer and has compelled me to pursue a career in oncology. We need more funding for research
    • Donald Mumm
      Independence, IA
      Lung cancer, 1998. Stage #1. Two lobes removed from right lung. Lung cancer left lobe, 2008, stage #3. Thanks research!
    • Kristen Davenport
      High Point, NC
      At age 13 I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. Now, I am 21 years old and living a great life. Cancer research made that possible!
    • Terri Adams
      Rossville, OH
      On May 14, 2011, I walked in my first Relay For Life as a survivor! The previous 4 years, I walked to honor or remember friends and family.
    • Janelle Frost-Harris
      Bloomington, MN
      My Milestone.. I turned 44 this year and i will be reaching 10 (Sept 18,2001) years since i was told i had stage 3B level 1 Ovarian Cancer.
    • Barbra Kamer
      Coralville, IA
      8/22/11- finished treatments for 3rd round of breast cancer; receiving Avastin as maintenance treatment. Getting life back to "new" normal!
    • Augusta Rangel
      I am 9 years in remission from Ovarian Cancer 3C and going strong.
    • Latina Starling
      I was able to be a bridesmaid in my best friend Camille's wedding. The most enjoyable moments was seeing her be so happy - Latina S
    • Annette O'Brien
      Saint Joseph, MI
      I prayed to live long enought to see my son and daughter start school. I've been blessed to be able to see my oldest grandson start school.
    • Jule Nowicki
      Rochester, NY
      I am blessed to share that after 19 years of survivorship, I have lived to welcome the birth of my first granddaughter, Jaycee.
    • Judy Schermer
      Edina, MN
      I got to witness the birth of my grandaugter. She and I both cried. Her big brother, Nathan, and I continue to share special times.
    • Idonia Ramos
      Bell Gardens, CA
      My sister was diagnostic with breast cancer 17 years ago thanks to the early detection she continue celebrate her B'day Happy Birthday Sis
    • Colin Stemper
      Minneapolis, MN
      My mom was able to beat cancer, and me, at a bike race 1 month after chemo
    • Amy Fuller
      Cranberry Twp, PA
      Twenty-two years ago, my father was given about six months to live. Did you catch that? TWENTY-TWO years ago! Celebrate EVERY BIRTHDAY!
    • Lynda Evans Ricci
      Albuquerque, NM
      I've been able to see my son marry his wife, graduate from college and now starting a new family! I'm a survivor due to research!
    • Kathleen McVicker McVicker
      Albuquerque, NM
      I have celebrated a 50th wedding anniversary and the arrival of a grandson.
    • Melissa Horn
      Sun Prairie, WI
      I've been in remission for 8 years from Hodgkins lymphoma - living proof research works!
    • Harriet Dolgin
      Fountain Valley, CA
      When I was first diagnosed with Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) my doctor said I might have 10 years. That was 21 years ago.
      Iowa Park, TX
      Last Sept. I was starting chemo for my new dx of NH Lymphoma. If it wasnt for funding for research I wouldnt be in remission today.
    • Elizabeth Cercone
      Swormville, NY
      My husband Joe & I will be celebrating our 6th anniversary and hope to start a family in the next year after surviving stage IV colon cancer
    • Unice Lieberman
      Washington, DC
      Saw my oldest son off to 1st grade and youngest to pre-K.
    • Janis Rogers
      Morganton, NC
      I have just celebrated 14 years of surviviorship. This has allowed me to get to know my grandchildren. Nothing is better than that.
    • Jill Schiller
      Lancaster, NY
      I am a 6 year Ovarian Cancer Survivor. Every year of life is a gift I treasure. we all deserve life. its a Blessing!
    • Jennie Wang-Paterson
      West Saint Paul, MN
      My aunt can meet her twin grand niece and nephew - wish the same can be said of my uncle. We need more cancer research!
    • Jennie Wang-Paterson
      West Saint Paul, MN
      My father-in-law battled AML 2 years longer than expected, long enough to see the birth of his grand-daughter!!
    • Morgan Fitzgerald
      My team mates and I have raised over $30,000 in the fight against cancer through Relay For Life!
    • Linda North
      Pasadena, TX
      In Nov 2008 at 61 yrs, I married my childhood sweetheart I'm now a 6 yr survivor
    • Melanie Wilson
      Fort Worth, TX
      This year I celebrate my 10 year-anniversary CANCER-FREE! I am now the President/CEO of Cancer Care Services & am honored to help others!
    • Melanie Wilson
      Fort Worth, TX
      This year I celebrate my 10 year-anniversary CANCER-FREE! I am now the President/CEO of Cancer Care Services & am honored to help others!
    • Lauren Skillman
      Fort Worth, TX
      I am only 20 years-old & I am fighting cancer for the 3rd time! Please find a cure for sarcomas like mine (MPNST)! I want to grow OLD! -Lala
    • dennise c
      Alton, TX
      We must call on our lawmakers to make cancer research funding a national priority
    • Catherine Norman
      Minneapolis, MN
      At age 21 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. In December I will celebrate my 60th birthday. I owe my life to cancer research.
    • Ryan Nuechterlein
      Minneapolis, MN
      My mother mother is a breast cancer survivor. Thanks to cancer research,the process went much easier and she is still parenting me well toda
    • Deborah Lonquist
      I've just finished chemo on my 4th bout with Breast Cancer, and other than depression, I'm doing ok.employer fired me for applying for FMLA
    • Cindy Parsons
      Albany, TX
      I am celebrating 9 years as a survivor
    • Chaucey Wittinger
      Moscow, ID
      I get to see my friend Joan, smiling and walking around town. She beat her agressive breast cancer with determination, heart & modern meds!
    • Sandi Cassese
      Woodstock, NY
      I see hope in the eyes of my newly diagnosed patients & have countless other patients who have outlived their diagnosis or prognosis!
    • Rachelle Dunn
      Coldfoot, AK
      My 11 yr-old is a 4-yr survivor of Leukemia! In 2011 she donated 12" of hair that she has been growing since chemo!
    • Kay Binger
      I have had breast cancer 2xs in the past 12 years. I married 2 years ago after being divorced for 22 years. Living life to the fullest.
    • Amber Pastorius
      Mount Oliver, PA
      Because of research, I can continue to watch my daughters grow, turn 40 and celebrate 1yr of being cancer free!
    • Daleyn Schwartz
      Plainview, TX
      If it had not been for the funding of research done by the ACS, I would not be celebrating 11 years of survivorship from stage IV melanoma!!
      Muscoy, CA
    • Mark Zabelski
      Virginia Beach, VA
      I have become a better son, an uncle 3 times and found love with my amazing fiance. All because of great doctors and treatment.
    • Kathy T.
      Cedar Falls, IA
      Had a rare type of skin cancer, thanks to research & great doctors, I still have a nose. Had a new grandson this year! One word SUNSCREEN!
    • Christina Cavaleri
      Albuquerque, NM
      The love of my life finished chemo 32 months ago. We got married last October, and he finished medical school last May! Thankful every day
    • Elisabeth Emerson
      Sacramento, CA
      Diagnosed with ALL at age 13 I have since become an RN, had one beautiful daughter and am expecting our second daughter in early 2012!
    • Marie Isaaks
      Bonita, CA
      After my mother was diagnosed with stage 3/4 Ovarian Cancer she created a non-profit "Nine Girls Ask " to find a cure. We are at year 3.
    • Suzie (Elgie) Van Tries
      Augusta, KS
      I have worked an additional 5 years after my cancer treatments, to reach my retirement on October 1 at 68 years of age.
    • Susan Smalley
      Kenai, AK
      1st milestone was my own 5 yr anniversary, I declared party, asked 4 extravagant gifts - & regifted to friend having treatment w/o insurance
    • Laura Nathan
      Lafayette, CA
      Cancer research allowed me to spend a few more years with my mother!
    • Margarita Fox
      My friend Graceanne survived 2 bouts of breast cancer to see her son Joseph, ordained a priest and the birth of twin grand-daughters.
    • Joan Brooks
      Forest Hills, NY
      I'm about to attend my 40th Anniversary HS reunion. I'm a 2 yr kidney cancer survivor.
    • Joan Dick
      Halesite, NY
      Dec. 23rd will be the 35th year since my breast cancer operation. I'm still alive & kicking. That's some big milestone, I believe.
    • Mary Ming-Mosley
      Phillips Ranch, CA
      In 1994 I was diagnosed with cancer (Multiple Myeloma) the progonosis was that I would live for not more than three years.
    • Mary Ming-Mosley Ming-Mosley
      In 1992 I was diagnosed with cancer. The prognosis was that I would live for 3 years . Thanks be to God and Cancer research
    • Caitlin Higgins
      Orland Park, IL
      I helped college kids come together and fight for an amazing cause and give hope to survivors and their families at SLU's Relay For Life.
    • Jane Wentz Rutman
      Chesterfield, MI
      My Mom just finished 6 weeks Chemo & radaition. Surgery to follow. Research helped her oncolgist know the MOST effective treatment for her!
    • Gwendolyn Ward
      In 2001 I was diagnosed with cancer. I underwent two surgeries within two months. I was offered chemo but stepped out on faith and I am healed by God stripes. Thank you Lord and
    • Rachael Allen
      Allendale, MI
      I overcame Hodgkin's Lymphoma twice. I was given a second chance to attend college to help children overcome cancer like I did.
    • Joyce Guinyard
      Culver City, CA
      My son was married on August 20th. Because of their family histories, in lieu of wedding favors, the couple made a donation to ACS.
    • Marie Cittadino
      Utica, NY
      I will be celebrating two years this December of being alive and cancer free.
    • Joy Huber
      Hendersonville, TN
      As a stage 4 young adult cancer survivor named Joy, I founded "Cancer with Joy" to help Others from diagnosis through treatment!
    • Frances Stanton
      Chestnut Ridge, NY
      I am here to tell my story today due to cancer research. Diagnosed one year ago with ovarian cancer and in good health now and symptom free
    • Antonetta Cincotta
      Rhinebeck, NY
      Research that was unavailable to treat my sister-in-law Sandi in '95 is now available and has saved her younger sister Deidra who has HER II
    • Sherri Murray-Coglietti
      Hemet, CA
      I am a Ovarian Cancer Survivor... without the funding and research I may not be here in remission for one year :)
    • Renee Kelley
      Parkville, MO
      I have two beautiful kids that might not be here if it wasn't for the discovery of the Pap test that detects pre-cancerous cells.
    • Crystal Senter Brown
      I still have my auntie, ten years after she was diagnosed with cancer!
    • ppghic ppghic
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    • Mary Helen Martinez
      Houston, TX
      Last month I completed my 71 birthday a big milestone after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004. Thanks to Cancer Research.
    • stephanie ulrich
      Hilliard, OH
      Happily celebrating my 4th New Bday. 9/22/07 marked my PERFECT MATCH UNRELATED STEM CELL TRANSPLANT. 100% remission. thank u THE JAMES
    • Felicia Desatnik
      Cortlandt Manor, NY
      My son was 9 years old when I was diagnosed with cancer. This past June I watched him graduated high school!!!
    • Kim Peach
      La Crosse, KS
      Because of Research, my kids will graduate from High School and have a Grandpa. He has had 43 surgeries to remove skin cancer. Got Family!
    • Heather Marks
      5 yrs ago, I underwent chemo for ovarian cancer @ just 26 years of age. Now, I'm blessed to be cancer-free & enjoying family life as a mom!!
    • Kristen Zannella
      My mother attended my wedding and saw her granddaughter be born. I gave birth to my first and only son.
    • Naomi Bibbins
      New York, NY
      Survived two different types of cancer; one 29 years ago and the other 12 years ago. June 2011, I earned a Master's degree in public admin.
    • Chelsea Pennington
      Delaware, OH
      I got engaged to my high school sweetheart. We are getting married next October!
    • Annie Langan
      My mom has been cancer free for almost six years now after battling Breast Cancer.
    • Virginia P. Foy
      Jensen Beach, FL
      January, 2011 -- I became a 5-year survivor of breast cancer. but no longer have, nor can I afford, health insurance. Now what?
    • Phylecia Wilson
      Clarkesville, GA
      I celebrated 10 years as a survivor this year and with an incredible quality of life, enjoy my two grandchildren 10 & 8 years to the fullest
      West Palm Beach, FL
    • Sheri Earl
      Murray, UT
      My daughter turned 14 yesterday and thanks to screenings and early detection I was here to celebrate with her.
    • Martha Bush
      Decatur, GA
      My husband was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma and died two months later. More info needed about how it can spread inward to all organs.
    • chiafen liu
      Flushing, NY
      I see the hope in every patients' face and cancer is not equal to death anymore!
    • Aziza Syed
      Agua Dulce, CA
      Last year I was diagnosed with a chocolate cyst with a chance of it being cancerous. This research is important for many loved ones.
    • Jessie Segal
      Having a mom who's been diagnosed with breast cancer can change a persons life. I'm so happy that she's healthy and happy now.I love you mom
    • Matt Lake
      North Hollywood, CA
      My sister, July 30 2011
    • Jack David Marcus
      New York, NY
      As a multi-cancer fighter cutting edge cancer research helped save my life and be with my 1st grandchild. Congress pls fund cancer research!
    • Denise Romand
      Wilton, NY
      I have enjoyed birthdays 34 - 50 after cancer, celebrated my parents 50th wedding anniversary +3, & many more family memories.
    • Sarah McCarty
      Hartley, IA
      My mother passed away from cancer when I was 12. Double the funding for cancer research so no other child loses a parent because of cancer.
    • emily graves
      Tuscaloosa, AL
      because of cancer research funding to ACS from Congress, my dad and his 2 brothers will be 10 YEARS CANCER FREE NEXT YEAR!
    • Joy Sommers
      Ceresco, MI
      I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2010. I am now cancer-free, and got to hold our newest grandbaby in April 2011.
    • Bethann Wilkie
      Winterville, NC
      I got t run a 5k for Relay For Life with my friend when she was only 16 days out of Chemo treatment!
    • Bertha Rodriguez
      Houston, TX
      My mother has survived stage 3 breast cancer twice...She just celebrated her 71st Bday and saw my two sons 18 & 10th Bdays!! So grateful!!
    • Pam Cartledge
      Mill Neck, NY
      That I have been able to save the lives by adopting 2 rescue dogs and 2 rescue cats whose lives were in jeopardy.
    • Alex Petti
      Ann Arbor, MI
      Because of Cancer research my uncle is winning his fight against cancer!
    • Sasha Zarins
      Ann Arbor, MI
      Helping bring Relay For Life to my hometown of Saline, MI!
    • Linda Yorgensen
      Pasco, WA
      I have had 2 melanomas; 1 in 89 the 2nd in 04, both were still in situ thankfully. Recent research has discovered a protein in the melanoma!
    • Brooke Waughtel
      Grand Junction, CO
      My great grandpa was daignosed with cancer 2 years ago no one checked to see if he did or not untill then, please don't let happen anymore
    • Wy Woods Harris
      Memphis, TN
      I went to ACSCAN Leadership and Lobby Summit in September as ACT Lead for Tennessee CD 9. What a joy to visit the Capital and Legislators
    • Kristina Tijerina
      Houston, TX
      My mother Mary Helen Martinez celebrated her 71st birthday and her 46th wedding anniversary to my father this year!
    • Mary Martinez
      Houston, TX
      Due to research Mary Helen Martinez got to celebrate her 71st birthday in August after her bout with breast in 2004.
    • Karen White
      I saw four nieces graduate from college - and three of them start their careers in support of cancer research and cancer treatment!
    • adrienne brown
      Lawrence, KS
      I have recenty finished chemo & I am gearing up for a life saving bone marrow transplant for multiple myeloma!
    • sandy shelton
      Lexington, NC
      thanks to cancer research, my friend Doris is beating lung cancer, will get to celebrate and holiday with her grandchildren
    • Carolyn Katzin
      Los Angeles, CA
      Remembering Frederick Tighe with eternal love, your niece Carolyn
    • Risa Waldoks
      Carlisle Barrack, PA
      Another Dickinson Student from the Relay for Life Kickoff
    • Yvette Price
      My Milestone? . I am only 41 and I have lots to still accomplish this is just the beginning of my life! Cancer is not an option...
    • Holly Dorio
      Newark, DE
      My son turned 10 years old this year and my daughter turned 15 years old!
    • Meredith Rebar
      Harrisburg, PA
      I found an article about a man who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer & he is alive 5 years later. 13 years ago my mom died of stage 4.
    • Ryan Partee
      Mission, KS
      As a volunteer for American Cancer Society Hope Lodge in Kansas City its extremely necessary to double funding for cancer research.
    • Alexis Green
      Plum, PA
      My Dad has been battling cancer for over 3 years now. Cancer research made it possible for him to walk me down the aisle on my wedding day.
    • Myrta Suarez
      My mom is celebrating five years cancer free - and our family is blessed as she celebrates her 69th Birthday this March.
    • Wanda McQuiston
      Exeland, WI
      Hi my names Wanda McQuiston in march 2011 i was diagnosed with breast cancer i have since then to celebrate a birthday im a year out:)
    • Terri Clay
      Marietta, GA
      My grandmother is a 15 year cancer survivor
    • Wanda McQuiston
      Exeland, WI
      My Journey started march 2011 and now im a year and a half out still cancer free im greatful and like helping others, when i can
    • Wanda McQuiston
      Exeland, WI
      Hello my journey started in march 2011 im happy to say im 21 months out i do like doing this with acs and hubby and people who understand!:)
    • Katie Ryan
      I hope that current and future cancer research keeps my dad well enough to see his grandchildren some day.
    • Liz Coan
      Auburn, GA
      Stage 2 breast cancer, 5 surgeries and finally a total masectomy with 6 months of chemo, I am going into my fifth year of remission,
    • Kimberly Baker
      Richmond, VA
      Celebrating my toddler son's birthday with him.
    • Jeanette Ferguson
      Galloway, OH
      I will celebrate being 10 years cancer free with my husband, son, friends and family...
    • Sandra Myers
      I will be turning 60 on my next birthday. I fought melanoma and won, and will celebrate this February!!
    • Drew Cucuzza
      Ten years my mom has been in remission from breast cancer.
    • Robin Coolbeth
      Inverness, FL
      My "milestone" was the 24th birthday of my daughter. She passed away in 1989 from a rare form of leukemia. Keep research going-find a cure!
    • Melinda Kujawa
      Lambertville, MI
      In April 2007, I was given a 50% chance of surviving 5 years with stage 3 Breast cancer. I want to be here next year to celebrate.
    • Catherine Arlett
      Placerville, CA
      On August 12, 2012, I will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the first day of the rest of my life! (August 11, 1987: mastectomy.)
    • Cassandra shaffer
      Greenwood, IN
      graduation without the man that showed me what a dad was. Having a child and not having him there. Getting married without him there.
    • Katharine Lines
      Kingsville, OH
      I am hoping to reach my 5 year milestone as a cancer survivor and continue to celebrate life every year with my friends and family.
    • Mary Berkhoudt
      Mariposa, CA
      10-year diagnosis with ovarian cancer. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in July 2002.
    • John Hernandez
      San Jose, CA
      We are hopeful my son, Zach, will have his final leukemia treatment of chemo in March of 2012 and be cured from all cancer.
    • Theresa Miner
      Chester, NY
      On January 2, 2012, I will be celebrating my 10th anniversary as a breast cancer survivor.
    • Jackie McClammer
      Rockton, IL
      October 2012 will be three years that I have been a Breast Cancer Survivor.
    • Leslie Aedo
      Whittier, CA
      I lost my mother to cancer. Now I'm having my own brush with cancer. I hope that I will still be here to celebrate my son's 10th birthday.
    • Nancy Washko
      Salisbury, NC
      I will get to see my son receive his Sacrament of Confirmation in the Catholic church!
      I will live to see all three of my sons graduate from college. At that time i will be 8 1/2 years past diagnosis. DOUBLE the funding.
    • Stephanie Strothmann
      Columbus, IN
      I have celebrated10 years with ACS and have created a world with less cancer and more birthdays! I want to get in better shape by 2012!
    • Stephanie Lett
      Marshall, VA
      Last year we celebrated the birth of my first grandchild.
    • Diane Phillips
      Dillsburg, PA
      My uncle passed away from colon cancer in 1994. We need research to improve screening & treatment so we can save lives from this disease.
    • Samantha Hebel
      Clinton Township, MI
      Cancer research made it possible for my grandpa to watch me graduate high school and be the first in our family to graduate college.
    • Barbara Hammonds
      Westbury, NY
      In 2001 i had Breast Cancer, Stage 2 grade 3 treated. Been almost 10yrs and the cancer just came back, this is very important to many of us.
    • Maureen Flanagan
      Miami, FL
      I wanted to be here til my daughter married. I was. She married Apr 2010. Now I want to be here til my 1st grandchild is born in Jan 2012.
    • Deb Greene
      Altoona, PA
      i just celebrated a birthday and will raise $5000 for RFL of Central Blair by my next birthday. Join me www.relayforlife.org/centralblair.
    • Jenny Ward
      Rome, GA
      Next year I will see my oldest son graduate from college & I will also attend his wedding after he graduates in July 2012. Leukemia Survivor
    • Cindee Campbell
      Beverly, WV
      I am a three time breast cancer survivor! Son graduates college 2012!
    • Tanya Prinz
      Dallas, TX
      I hope my dad meets his fifth grandchild - the first-born of his youngest kid.
    • Maureen Brown
      Beat Breast Cancer & CML is in remission, saw both sons receive college degree & youngest get married. Want to see oldest married.
    • patti willard
      Hickory Hill, TN
      My sisterGrace Anne is now an eight year breast cancer survivor. We lost our brother Ralph to pancreatic cancer last August,find a cure!
    • Patricia J Brown
      Sunnyvale, CA
      The cancer I have has no effective treatment; every day I wait and HOPE for a new treatment, for myself and for all with this deadly disease
    • Cindy Parsons
      Albany, TX
      I am working on 10 years Cancer Free. from Breast Cancer Diagnosed in 2002
    • Sandra Allen
      Saint Cloud, FL
      Son's High school graduation and my 50th Birthday
    • Susan Dyer
      I lost 60 pounds in 2010 and hope to lose another 30 in 2011/2012. Doing my part to help keep cancer away. Congress you should do yours!
    • George Ann Blough
      Cherry Run, WV
      To spend time with my family, to watch the leaves change, to see the daffodils in my garden of hope peek through the ground!
    • cheri rotondi
      Brooklyn, NY
      breast cancer found 2007.now 2011 45 months cancerfree.life is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Vicki Liner
      New City, NY
      I will celebrate 5 years of "survivorship" just in time for my daughter's wedding next May! Research must continue.
    • Vicki Liner
      New City, NY
      I will celebrate 5 years of survivorship next May by dancing at my daughter's wedding! Research must continue.
    • Barbara Miles
      My husband passed away last year from cancer. In memory of him, I am writing 2 books about the journey of going through it.
    • Steve Ellis
      Houston, TX
      I'll run a half-marathon to raise money for cancer research.
    • Jennifer Neal
      Hagerstown, MD
      I am a survivor of 4 years and the Advocacy Chair for 2 relays in the area i live in. I am also the Ambassador for ACS-CAN.
    • Ginny Courtney
      Inwood, WV
      April 15, 2012 I will be celebrating 8 years cancer free
    • Dawn Durbin
      San Marcos, CA
      I never expected to live a year but now 7 years later, my 2 sons have married and I have a grandchild.
    • Andrea Fadel
      Amherst, NY
      A close family friend and a cousin were diagnosed with cancer, but both with stage 0. We need more research so ALL diagnoses are stage 0!
    • Kanna Taylor
      Saint Charles, MO
      I hope my dad, who has brain cancer, can walk me down the aisle on my wedding day.
    • Cathi Calato
      Parkville, MD
      I am a fifteen year survivor of breast cancer. I hope to reach my 25th wedding anniversary on November 19, 2013.
    • Kathleen O'Hara
      Madison, SD
      My granddaughter will graduate from high school and I want to be there!
    • Gale Harrington
      Vallejo, CA
      My mother made it to my wedding this year, I hope she makes it to see her grandchildren.
    • Rhonda Steinlauf
      Buffalo Grove, IL
      I am a breast cancer survivor of 42 months. I hope to reach the first huge milestone of 5 years in February, 2013.
    • Bo Zwingman
      Okemos, MI
      I am attending a Big Ten University, in hopes to one day be a doctor.
    • Dawn Garcia
      Fort Myers, FL
      I had breast cancer (1997) and ovarian cancer (2003). I have been cancer free for eight years now. Hope to reach 2013 10 years.
    • Linda Parsons
      Sheridan, MT
      My journey with colon cancer started in 2004 with metastasis four times. I want to see my grandchildren graduate which 3 have - next 2013.
    • Amy Orr
      Middletown, IL
      See my only son graduate from High School. 8th grade graduation was amazing and I can't wait to see how special his next graduation is.
    • Diane Pullin
      Streetman, TX
      I am a 19 year breast cancer survivor. I want my grandson to say "What is cancer?" like my daughter says What is polio?"
    • Marianne Swittlinger
      My brother, Joe, is 2 years cancer free! Expecting to make 5 years!
    • Ashleigh Kussman
      Toledo, OH
      I have survived almost 13 years since my diagnosis with high risk Acute lymphoblastic leukemia. I hope to graduate from medical school.
    • Peggy Lelievre
      I was diagnosed with colon cancer in April 2011 after having a colonoscopy only 3 1/2 years ago. I want to make my daughter's wedding.
    • Deborah Phillips
      Laingsburg, MI
      I have witnessed the graduations of 2 of my sons and their weddings. I have a third son yet to get married and I want to enjoy grandkids.
    • Ken Koopmann
      Altoona, WI
      Thyroid cancer 1989.
    • Suzanne Martin
      Carlisle Barrack, PA
      My partner died 10 years ago, as the ASC CAN was born. I hope to remarry again, someday.
    • Larry Brown
      Arcadia, IL
      I am a survivor of cancer 4x. and wil be married 50 years in 3 years.
    • Sue Oertel
      Dayton, OH
      I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. It was caught early, and I am hopeful that it will not return.
    • Heidi Savoy
      Olathe, KS
      I hope to compete in a Susan G. Komen 3 day race...and in the meantime break 30 minutes on the Race for the Cure 5K.
    • Martha Burton
      Breast cancer is now about 10 years in my past. Looking forward to college graduations of 3 young women in our family.
    • Michele Kratter
      Boynton Beach, FL
      Pursuing a Nursing Degree
    • Michele Kratter
      Boynton Beach, FL
      Pursuing a Nursing Degree
    • Roxi Griffin
      Kansas City, MO
      Im a 6 yr lung cancer survivor. Hope to beat all odds & make 10 yrs.
    • Sandi Stewart
      Pontiac, MI
      Being there to watch my oldest graddaughter graduate from high school. By then, I'll be five years out from my third bout with cancer.
      Stockton, CA
    • Laurie Werner
      North Massapequa, NY
      I hope to see my children married someday with children of their own.
    • marilyn bottorf
      Columbus, OH
      I hope to some day dance at my granddaughters wedding!
    • Pamela Lauchengco
      Bonnie Doone, NC
      Have all of my children old enough to remember me as their mother.
    • Dee Sparacio
      As a six year ,stage 3 ovarian cancer survivor, I hope to see my grandson ( due to be born Oct 2011) start kindergarten.
    • Amy McDevitt
      I hope to see my oldest son get married, my middle son graduate college in 2 yrs, and my youngest son greaduate HS in 5 yrs.
    • Nancy Stanford-Camp
      Alburtis, PA
      My milestone is to be able to teach my daughter to drive. I fought cancer and want to be assured it won't come back. Please fund research
    • Richard Rogers
      Morganton, NC
      In 1997, my wife Janis was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and given little chance of survival. Thanx to treatment advances.Next GOAL 2017!
    • Celina Martinez
      Westminster, CO
      The milestone I'd most like to reach is to see my grandson graduate from high school. He is ten years old today.
    • Rose Perra
      Zumbrota, MN
      I am a breast cancer survivor of 47 years. Our 9th Community Relay For Life last week brought the total to over $800,000.
    • JP Passero
      Kismet, NY
      I've lost many to cancer already and can't wait to see the day that cancer research helps remove the pain that I've had to suffer through.
    • Charmaine Deshong
      Brooklyn, NY
      I want to see my children graduate college, married have children and enjoy life to the fullest, that's what I am doing since my diagnosis.
    • Jose Ricardo Bondoc
      San Francisco, CA
      In 10 years, I will be older than my father was when he passed away.
    • Joanie Triestman
      Aliso Viejo, CA
      I have a 3 primary cancers and being treated with new drugs. With ongoing research, I will be able to be treated in preventing my cancers!
    • Joan M. Stromberg
      Ridge, VA
      Enjoy retirement, see grandchildren grow up and become self sufficient adults.
    • Christopher Masak
      Laurel, MD
      I want to see my son start high school in 2024.
    • Amy Geschwender
      Lincoln, NE
      I have brain cancer, and two young children. My goal is to see my kids graduate from high school.
    • Beth Barron
      My nephew is 5 years old and his grandfather has cancer. I want his grandfather to live to see him graduate at the age of 18.
    • Lauren Walens
      Washington, DC
      With the advancements being made in cancer research, I hope to be able to tell my kids about their wonderful grandmother who lost her battle
    • Neil Robertson
      Stanley, KS
      For my two-time Survivor dad, Jim, to be around to see his grandkids graduate from college and beyond!
    • Robert Mirrielees
      Brownsville, TX
      I hope to see my kids get out of college, and have a house paid off for my wife to continue to live in.
    • Wendy Nesland
      North Bend, WA
      I want my brother who is currently fighting cancer and in treatment live to see his twin daughters that are due in November 2011 grow up.
    • Charlotte Wales
      Monticello, AR
      My beautiful daughter-in-law Charlie is a 10-year survivor of breast cancer; she's always in our prayers that she continues in good health.
    • jodie abruzzese
      Brooklyn, NY
      Between 2000 and 2009 I've had cancer three times I have three children and two grandchildren, I plan on fighting for alot more birthdays.
    • Karen Sussman
      Long Grove, IL
      I'm a 4 1/4 year breast cancer survivor! In order to save lives and create more birthdays, please fund lifesaving cancer research.
    • Yvonne T Johnson
      Had breast cancer at 27 (32 years ago) and thankful I beat the odds with cancer research so I was able to adopt two children and get married
    • Jesse Miller
      Cantonment, FL
      I am in the fight with Aaron Austin and his family for him to make it to his daughters next birthday, then graduation, and then wedding day!

Double Funding for Cancer Research

In our first 10 years, ACS CAN accomplished so much in becoming the nation's leading cancer advocacy organization. Now we're setting a new challenge as we look toward the future - double funding for cancer research.

The milestones you see here are just some of the reasons why it's so important that we accomplish this new goal and truly make cancer a national priority. Working together, we can build the movement and make our voices heard even louder in the halls of Congress and every state legislature in our nation. See how you can get more involved.